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    Swansea v Bolton red card

    Watch it again ... the white 9 is off-side If no foul, the player who was fouled gets to the ball himself and is clean through ... because of the foul, the white 9 picks up the ball from an off-side position I think it is very good officiating by the team
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    What a curious goal!

    Goal for me too *** pedant alert *** … not me over thinking or looking for something that isn't there … but … (!) Has the goal scorer gained an advantage by holding onto the goal netting to help maintain balance (as he scores) ? Pretty sure I once saw a You Are The Ref of a more extreme...
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    Bass Ackwards

    Correct We did it because of a very low sun across the pitch ... ref spent most of the time far side checking throws ... worked well !
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    Bass Ackwards

    I’ve done it Russian style before (or at least that was the name the referee gave it) ... Anyone heard of this - or can guess what it is ?!
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    Arsenal vs Chelsea - Community Shield

    Don't disagree he know what he was doing - AFTER - he tried to kick it away from his goalkeeper ... this isn't a foul I think plenty of us on here have had / are having very successful refereeing careers, continually making big decisions where and when necessary - disagree with people if you...
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    Arsenal vs Chelsea - Community Shield

    +1 Luiz has taken advantage of his own poor, not intentional first touch
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    Deliberately parrying the ball

    Ooooooh - thanks @ASM - I think that's the first time I've not found the answer in LOTG myself - my bad So to James' quandary ... ... a GK using their hands, to stop the ball going out for a corner, away from the goal, would be a parry ... and then the GK should be penalised if they then...
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    Deliberately parrying the ball

    Is saving the ball from going out for a goal / kick corner the same as saving a shot from going in the goal? ... I've never seen a definition of "save" ...
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    Giant clearances

    This kind of situation reminds me of this ... if only there was a booking code for this (play from start for 00:25 seconds) !!
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    Giant clearances

    Good discussion above and the outcomes / views I agree with - yay :) Anyone got a problem if said player, from within the FOP, flicks it up to themselves and volleys it over a fence - from which the ball cannot be retrieved ... and then repeats it with the only other ball available - thus...
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    The difference is..............

    Gross generalisation alert # 2 ... the further away from London I travel (out into Essex), the bigger the all-round difference
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    Newcastle Penalty

    I love the bit in the law where it says what happens (including sanctions) if more than one offence occurs ... e.g. illegal feinting AND encroachment :)
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    Welsh ... Striker ... Arthur Scargill ?!?! (Whoever gets it should set the next question!)
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    Owen Coyle

    Worth a watch - shows both 'goals' disallowed and the red card incident (start at 01:01)