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    Match Fees

    There are some handy profit/loss spreadsheets out there which help calculate the tax to pay if you choose to declare it. I think there are some on here. It’s quite possible that you actually take a ‘loss’ while refereeing, due to expenses (kit, boots, whistles, equipment...). I don’t think I...
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    Grass Roots Season Curtailment (?)

    Interesting, I’ve seen one or two 17s but nothing below that
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    Grass Roots Season Curtailment (?)

    Yeah, 18s and 23s have been on for a while haven’t they
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    Grass Roots Season Curtailment (?)

    Apparently Premier League academy football (training and matches) can continue from March 8th
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    Rather unusual for this level

    Ahh, is that why when I watch U23 games, they’re sometimes wearing a different brand of kit? I’ve always wondered that
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    This one doing the rounds.

    Not sure if I was a coach that I'd want challenges like that to be common in U23s. One bad injury and that's potentially their career over before it's even properly began. You saw the reaction of the players too - in the context of the game, I think a yellow card is expected
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    Offside - PGMOL clarification (in discussion with ifab)

    Not sure how much I agree with this. In my opinion, it was more Mings’ fault for taking a bad touch into a player who wasn’t challenging him. Surprised at this, but it will definitely cause less debate, so that’s always a positive! (now it’s guaranteed that this will happen this weekend and be...
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    Skip, hop an a jump

    I’m personally of the viewpoint that keepers should be disadvantaged at penalties and the taker should have every advantage. That’s the whole point of the penalty imo
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    Positive Comments

    My favourite was this season, when my coach watched me for the first time. A spectator came by at full time when my coach was telling me how I did, etc and said ‘you’re the best ref we’ve had up here for years’. Appreciate the timing as it was right in front of my coach😂
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    New MLS/PRO kit provider for 2021

    Wondered why so many MLS kits had the exact same template - had no idea about that! They’re pretty much all really nice kits from what I’ve seen. Shame about these referee kits imo
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    Referee books

    Howard Webb’s autobiography is good. Currently reading and enjoying ‘Blowing the Whistle: the Psychology of Football Refereeing’ and that’s really good. Although that might just be because I studied psychology. Not sure how enjoyable it’d be if I didn’t
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    Write-On Cards

    I bought some a while ago and have them on my cards, but I have genuinely never used them. Notepad is a lot easier to write on imo
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    Progression without moving up the levels

    I’ve started to find my U16-18 games have been more challenging than my open age games. Players seem to be easier to manage and more mature (generally...). I was really nervous for starting OA football, but I’ve ended up preferring it to youth. The standard isn’t great and the academy games are...
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    ‘How long ref?’

    Depends how many times I’ve already had to say the same answer without a teammate hearing and then asking again😂
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    ‘How long ref?’