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    Anybody remember this match? Ref awarded a PK, not seen by any cameras except a single fan camera

    that's the one - and I reckon it was one of you two who posted it in that fb thread ;) thanks
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    Anybody remember this match? Ref awarded a PK, not seen by any cameras except a single fan camera

    I have a vague recollection of a match....I think a few decades ago, high level. May have been world cup, but perhaps it was just high level national comp. Referee awarded a penalty for something none of the players saw, so they all went ballistic (though they go ballistic even if they did...
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    Good quiz q

    No. The LOTG states when you can caution for handball (which falls under USB). This is not one of those instances. You're not 'getting around it' by saying it's for USB not handball. That doesn't work. That's the same sort of argument people use to caution keepers for handling a backpass.
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    Assualt !!!

    live assault? by who? Costa grabbed the ref's arms, but after he was sent. Pity Saul wasn't sent for repeatedly pushing the ref. Nice to see a top tier referee remembers that OFFINABUS is a RC offence
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    Commentating on the game

    Yet another assessor who is completely overstepping the mark! Good tackle? I've never said that in my life. That's definitely not the referee's job - and I reckon you'll just be annoying the players a lot of the time. Positive commentary might be of some benefit in some instances. Can be...
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    Toting up

    @RobOda has the right answer. If it happened to both be persistent infringement and reckless, then pick one (I'd probably go reckless, but no big deal). You warned the player about PI? If it was just another minor foul and it was PI, then that's your caution. Oh have a cry. The OP asked...
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    Good quiz q

    That makes no sense. YC for handball (SPA, attempting to stop/score a goal) falls under USB. So, you're talked yourself in a circle. As for 'players expect it' - that's 22 players and a bunch of spectators who have never read the law. There's a time and a place for abiding by what's...
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    Pk added on time, last kick. Of all time. Ever

    Yes, absolutely be proactive. Otherwise, what are you going to do if an attacker follows the kick through? If you don't advise it's the last kick, you can't possible sell disallowing the goal if there's a follow-up. True, but saying no rebounds isn't the same as instructing players not to...
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    Straight Red

    Agreed. The player's relationship with other players is completely different to that of the match officials, so therefore you can't apply things the exact same way. After all, players spend all game getting physical with other players. If you're doing that as a referee then you probably...
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    Good quiz q

    This is a penalty. Nothing more, nothing less. I know you'd normally explain the card a bit better bit I figured I'd jump in on that phrasing for the benefit of some of the newer members on here, hope you don't mind. 'yellow card for handball' is not how it should be described (and was only...
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    Straight Red

    Calling a neutral official a cheat must be a red card, every single time. It attacks the integrity and the fair and independent arbitration of the match official; it's completely undermining the position and the authority. It's offensive. What gets a little more difficult are comments like...
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    MLS VAR Review

    Glad to hear it. IMO it's a completely essential part of video review.
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    MLS VAR Review

    Wow, this is so much better than the absolute crap we get served up in Australia's version. In that one, they treat the fans like idiots and pretend the VAR doesn't make a mistake by either supporting clear errors, or just not including the bad calls at all (on the rare occasion they might go...
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    Ajax VAR Red

    "for attention seeking". Forget your weet bix this morning Ciley? No need for that attitude. I don't accuse your posts of being 'attention seeking'. I don't see the VAR that different at all to the AR. By your argument, without a VAR the referee would never make a big decision purely on...
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    Over Celebration

    And if it's excessive but quick? ;-) USB is your other go-to here