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    WBA vs BRI

    Guidelines from IFAB in the 2020-2021 laws say the whistle must be used after the 9.15 metres/10 yards is achieved. Premier League guidance over a number of years is that once the referee reaches the free kick location it will be a "ceremonial" kick on the whistle. This was introduced after a...
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    WBA vs BRI

    Interesting guidance - thanks for sharing. Does not mention the goalkeeper's position. Does mention blowing the whistle after moving out of the way. My view is that the goal should have stood.
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    WBA vs BRI

    Whilst I agree that game management is important, but trying to get through a game with no controversy and upsetting as few people as possible is not always achievable. I would expect a goalkeeper to be prepared once the whistle is blown. Would those who disagree allow a goalkeeper to call to...
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    WBA vs BRI

    I am intrigued by the views expressed here that the referee should be waiting for the goalkeeper to organise his defence, possibly calling players from some distance to join the "wall", then positioning himself for the kick - the free kick was awarded because of an offence by a member of the...
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    Match Fees

    If declaring match fees you are allowed to set admissible expenses off against the income. Calculate these as costs you incur solely in relation to football - travel, kit purchases, laundry, RA membership, CFA registration costs, training, extra costs on telecoms, etc (but not meals!) Most...
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    Rather unusual for this level

    Not while the Covid protocols are in place. At top level such checks should be done en route to the f. o. p.
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    Best watch

    As advice to the many new referees joining this forum, most referees at local football level use something like the £9.99 Casio from Argos which has a stopwatch and lap time facility as well as being a normal wristwatch. Plastic strap so less likely to cause injury in the event of accidental...
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    New to this website

    Welcome to the community, Liam. website has the Laws of the Game, and some resources to assist you. If you are looking at quizzes on the laws on the Internet, please ensure that you use up-to-date British sites, if you are UK-based, as the interpretation of the laws varies in some...
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    Next available referee course

    The new-style course (initially Internet-based, plus meeting the requirements in respect of child protection, etc) then one evening and one full day in group learning sessions, starts in March/April. The FA and CFA's will be in touch with those already registered for courses, once the current...
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    You Are The Ref! - Again - Sorry!

    1. Get the video/film rights from the incident 2. Goal kick
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    You Are The Ref! - Again - Sorry!

    Good question for the OP to answer for us. This season's Law 12 says the goal would not stand.
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    Sent off player

    Once a team has a player sent off after kick off, they lose the right to have 11 players - as One has said, law states a maximum of 11, i. e. not a guaranteed 11.
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 16 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    I'm with you - based on the wording of the question, ifk
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    Unintentional violent conduct...

    Red for VC for me - elbow in opponent's face followed by two hands up to say "I'm innocent, honest"