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    What does 'replacing' a goal keeper mean?

    Hi A goalkeeper can be replaced at any time with an outfield player provided it is done at a stoppage with the referee informed. That include Kicks from the Penalty Mark A goalkeeper can be substituted in Kicks from the Penalty Mark provided that the GK cannot continue and the team has an...
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    New goal kick trick

    Hi Before the change the defender could wait until the ball was on the penalty area line, step in and play the ball which always resulted in a retake. No card was used unless it was done repeatedly which I never saw. That used up significantly more time. Personally I felt the solution was to...
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    New goal kick trick

    Hi My tuppence worth I agree with Peter Grove that the only way that a trick can be committed is through the initiator. No kick / flick no trick. Also it has to be a caution for circumventing Law 12 irrespective of the use of hands or not. Now there has been much comment about circumvention...
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    Offside, or not?

    Hi Law 11 states "" receiving the ball from an opponent who deliberately plays the ball "" which I interpret is a long way from challenging an opponent who has just controlled it. In the OP the player in an offside obviously was close enough to 'nick' the ball from the defender. For me coming...
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    Preventing Goalkeeper from releasing the ball

    Hi If referees were to caution for every time a player "attempted" to prevent release yet came to nothing there would be many cautions issued in games. In the OP the release was not prevented and there was no IDFK offence. By all means had the player stopped the ball then a card. Better solution...
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    Poor Wording

    Hi The clarification given by IFAB is that " When the GK clearly kicks or tries to kick the ball into play, this shows no intention to handle the ball so, if the ‘clearance’ attempt is unsuccessful, the goalkeeper can then handle the ball without committing an offence"...
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    Argentina v Brazil (Copa America)

    Hi Watched these instances again plus a third one that got no attention. In all three in my opinion the Argentinian players ran at / into Brazilian players. In all three the ball was not near the contact area. Now we know that is not relevant yet we also have to now take into account the var...
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    Q: DOGSO - ball out of play

    Hi Is the answer not the simple part of Law 12 when it states "" by an offence punishable by a free kick (unless as outlined below)"" There is no offence here punished by a free kick not even an IDFK as the ball is not in play so it can only be misconduct which is a caution. It cannot be a red...
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    Temporary dispensation for encroaching keepers

    Hi Don't like this development. FIFA knew there was going to be problems with the cautions at KFTPM so it fixed it to suit itself at its tournament - the presence of VARs acts as a far greater deterrent than the caution is a strange statement? Sure what about calling blatant encroachment...
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    Goal kick - opponent in the box 2018-19 laws

    Hi It is up to the referee to decide based on the circumstances. The reality is that a referee is not going to be too focused on Attacker 1. Focus of attention will be on Attacker 2 and what happens around the ball with the defender. Attacker 1 has had no impact on play and the GK decided to...
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    Red Card Joke

    Hi Once saw a rugby referee do this in a TV match. He called the player over, looked like he was going to yellow card him, and pulled out a hanky from his pocket to wipe his nose. Player thought he was going to be binned for 10 minutes. Here is a funny one
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    Columbia v Argentina Dropped Ball

    Hi There is the possibility of Columbia giving the ball back yet if they did why not to the GK? Also the whole basis behind the new law is to prevent the need to give it back which the referee has to manage. Personally I think the referee knew the ball was given away by Columbia and that had it...
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    Columbia v Argentina Dropped Ball

    Hi I get why he stopped it. Not sure Columbia gave it back and I think he gave it to Argentina from the way play restarted and maybe not? The ball does not now have to given back as the last team to touch has possession. IFAB do not want teams to give the ball back any more or manufacture a...
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    Columbia v Argentina Dropped Ball

    Hi Near the end of the game last few minutes the ball hit the referee from a kick by a Columbian which then went to another Columbian player off the deflection. Ref stopped the game and when the camera panned back it looked like the DB was given to Argentina? See 1.42.50 on the video Surely it...
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    World Cup - so far

    Hi Watched Germany v RSA and the amount of delayed flags on the most obvious of offside was ridiculous . I get delaying the flag on a tight one where there is doubt but ARs are now not bothering to flag until they get a call n the ear piece OFFSIDE. Some where 3/4 yards and blatantly obvious...