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    Manu STN pen or not

    It feels to me like a lot of the time a player wouldn't be sent off for that type of incident - perhaps VAR has changed things a bit in that respect. Even in what I thought were clearer/more cynical cases (I always remember the Denmark V Croatia game at 2018 World Cup where the striker had an...
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    Southampton v Aston Villa

    I know it doesn't explicitly say deliberate play in the LOTG but I thought it had since been clarified that this is what it meant? An example is from MLS (2.30 in this video) - the referee says it's handball if it's a block but not if it's a deliberate play (and eventually decides there was a...
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    Southampton v Aston Villa

    Doesn't that only apply if it's a deliberate play by the defender? As the commentator mentions, we saw in Liverpool V Leeds a penalty given after the ball deflected off the knee area onto an outstretched hand and I think it was stated even after the changes after round 3 that that would still...
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    Sheffield Utd v Plymouth

    I guess ultimately it depends on how good the VARs are in the role, making decisions and communicating them. I'm convinced that it has to happen and one day it will happen - just like VAR itself!
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    Tottenham - Liverpool

    If it was outside I'm sure a replay would have been shown by BT. The commentators suggested afterwards it was just inside so presumably they'd seen the replay on their screens.
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    Sheffield Utd v Plymouth

    It helps in as much as it gives transparency and a reasoning for their decision. We might disagree with it or deduce that they're wrong but I'd still much rather have it than not - especially as there will be many instances when they are correct or at least justified.
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    Sheffield Utd v Plymouth

    Why did the VAR audio for this get played, out of interest? Was it a technical glitch or some form of trial?
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    MCI vs AV

    'receiving' seems a bit of an ambiguous word here - do they mean the ball has to be actively played to the attacking player who was offside or just that once the defender has deliberately played it the attacker is free to dispossess them?
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    Liv Manu

    I don't see an issue with the added time. It's easy enough to believe the referee's watch will slightly differ from TV depending on the exact moment it started I just listened back to 5 Live's coverage and Tierney blows the whistle at end of taking the knee at 01.01 and half time is blown at...
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    Sheffield United v BHA

    You're right about the procedure for offside flag in terms of delayed flags but the assistant should still always make a decision - the communication of offside is just sometimes a bit later. I know some think assistants are now a bit less likely to (eventually) raise the flag for a tight...
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    Burnley vs Wolves

    I'd often agree and someone like Moyes does it constantly, but it seems unusual for NES and it seems they had previous complaints too. I certainly think there are better PL referees than Mason but I definitely don't think an individual team should be able to dictate referee appointments.
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    Sheffield United v BHA

    I'm not sure about PL but I think as a general guide in Europe: VAR wrongly advises on-field review when not a clear and obvious error - VAR marked down whatever referee does. If referee incorrectly changes decision after reviewing evidence - referee marked down. If VAR recommendation for...
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    Sheffield United v BHA

    I thought you'd said in the past that no referee would show a red to a player and have to call them back on the pitch when they could show yellow and then upgrade through VAR? I do agree that referees should go red where required straight away and it's correct their marks are affected if they...
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    Scott Parker on you know what

    Of course people will be more critical of an incorrect decision if an official has the chance to look at multiple replays (as the VAR did in Everton V Liverpool with Van Djik/Pickford for instance) because it should be easier to make a decision when having the time to look at multiple replays...
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    Sheffield United v BHA

    100% red. It seemed the classic case of a player lunging for a ball they couldn't get to. I was amazed Peter Bankes showed a yellow card at first.