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    WSL again

    I think this is a good lesson for all of us to consider several items. 1) Isolate and make 100% sure you have the right number (or name, if you're in England and doing that) for a caution. 2) Make sure that you confirm with your team who has committed misconduct. If you have comms, confirm the...
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    Oh, wow. Now that I've read my post again, you're right. That was NOT how I intended it at all. The illustration is what I was trying to communicate. The referee in the illustration is double-jointed. :) If you start with your thumb against your chest instead of the back of your fist, you have...
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    I’m too lenient and it backfired today

    Another thing to watch for in the second half is players get tired. As referees, we know that we have to focus harder as fatigue starts to get to us. The players get tired as well, and their decision making gets clouded. My mentor when I first started as a much younger referee once gave me...
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    Senior AR

    I use this both as a fourth official and as a trailing AR. My standard operating procedure as a trail AR is to watch behind the referee's back unless the ball is on my touchline. When I'm a fourth, I'll usually watch the part of the field that normally doesn't have eyes on it with three neutral...
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    Leeds Vs Wolves

    I also believe in the Easter Bunny, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster! :D
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    AR - Getting ref's attention

    It's already been said, but your willingness to "die on the hill" should directly relate to the importance of the call to the game. If it's a ball just over a line for a goal, violent conduct, a second caution, or the foul was clearly outside of the penalty area but the referee calls a penalty...
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    Sometimes I wonder if IFAB/FIFA are just using some version of Google Translate to work on these things . . . Here's how I am interpreting these paragraphs. Paragraph 1 - If the goalkeeper is in front of the goal, then there can be no DOGSO. So the goalkeeper in front of the net supersedes any...
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    I’m too lenient and it backfired today

    I was once in your shoes. I had a game like yours in my second year. It was an absolute nightmare, and I let it happen. I thought about that game both as I read your post and I reflected on my game tonight. I worked a U19 boys game in a state cup competition. I had four cards in the first 28...
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    City v Arse

    As an American referee, I'd like to add just a little bit of context. It is correct that many US referees wear blue wristbands. We wear those in honor of former US FIFA referee Terry Vaughn, who has battled Huntington's disease. Blue is the color for Huntington's disease, so we often wear blue...
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    Merseyside derby

    All I’ll say is that in the games I do (i.e. no VAR), that challenge is a red card regardless of whether the play is offside. The only question is whether the report has SFP or VC. Absent any other info, I’d say SFP because Pickford is assuming the ball is in play.
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    England v Denmark

    No issue at all with either one of Maguire's cautions. The penalty was definitely a bit soft. Had VAR been in use, it would have been interesting to see if that would have been recommended for an on-field review. My guess is no (probably not a clear and obvious error), but nothing surprises me...
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    Making decisions as an AR

    Here's another example from my own experience for why I feel like it's important for ARs to help and "overrule" me when it's clear I made a mistake. I was the center on a high school playoff game. We were playing on a field used for lacrosse, soccer, and football. There are white lines...
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    Making decisions as an AR

    As a referee, I give these instructions to my ARs. 1) Let me have the first look. If I'm in a good position and I don't give the penalty, the accountability lies with me. If I missed the call, I'll take the heat for it. The one exception is below. 2) If I'm not in a good position (example - I'm...
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    Offside IDFK from the right place?

    I use this line both as a reference and to players. “If you don’t get greedy, I won’t get picky.” Especially farther from goal, as long as it’s close, I just want the game to restart. If the team wants to play into the danger zone, I’ll make sure the spot is close.
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    A lighter thread - Your favourite decisions?

    For me, there are three. 1) Advantage leading to a goal. That's the very obvious one. In a game where goals are normally not plentiful, being able to let play continue to allow a goal to happen is a good feeling. 2) Cautioning for persistent infringement. This has always been a weak area for...