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    Fleetwood v Wycombe

    In England, is an OFFINABUS send off minimum three games like SFP and VC?
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    Fleetwood v Wycombe

    It really doesn’t matter what comes after those two words-it has to be red for OFFINABUS as soon as an official is called a cheat.
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    Feeling rusty

    My son's new team (he changed clubs last month) will begin to train three times a week, including on Saturday, starting next week. I'm going to grab the whistle and work their small-sided scrimmages. Very low-pressure way for me to work on angles, holding the whistle for advantages, foul...
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    Summer workout program

    The same individual who developed this running workout has also designed weekly circuit training workouts. If you go to Youtube and search "NISOAFIT", you'll find three workouts. All require nothing more than a soccer ball, primarily to just hold during some of the workouts to maintain posture...
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    West Ham v Chelsea

    Gotta be hard for people to keep track of Chelsea now that they are all #3. (I kid, I kid :) )
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    Brig v Man Utd

    I haven’t watched the game up to that point. Was there a camera angle clearly showing the entire ball was in touch? As an assistant, I will allow play to continue unless I’m certain the entire ball is out of play.
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    Leeds V Fulham

    This is why I always ask the trailing AR and/or fourth official (if I have one) to help keep an eye on late items like this. If the ball is played direct and long, I’m going to be in full sprint to get in position for the next play. My trail assistant needs to help me for this.
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    Summer workout program

    That "Gone in 60 seconds workout" was one I liked as well. I also thought the "Pinball Soccer" is a good interval run, too. If there is a silver lining to all of this pandemic stuff, I've learned a lot of different avenues for improving fitness. I am someone who tends to take in a LOT of...
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    Man City vs Chelsea

    Your point is exactly why VAR should be used only for clear and obvious errors. If it's not something you can identify relatively quickly, it isn't clear and obvious. In this case, the handling should have been spotted pretty quickly. Then you do a quick check to see if anyone from Chelsea was...
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    Summer workout program

    NISOA is the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association in the US (don't ask - we have several governing bodies in our country depending on whether soccer is played at the club level, high school level, university level, etc.). They have issued some weekly workout programs geared...
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    Man City vs Chelsea

    I know it's not a fan forum, but I can't help but give a shout out to my compatriot Christian Pulisic for an outstanding performance today for Chelsea. We Americans have to take these big-time performances from our countrymen when we can get them. On the Rudiger challenge, I just don't see...
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    Nor v S'Ton

    And we get the EFL games on ESPN's Plus streaming service (along with Serie A), so I'll have to watch that game. :D I don't have much else to spend my money on, so I just spend it on these service to be able to watch soccer. If we could get Ligue 1 and LaLiga off of Bein Sports and onto ESPN+...
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    Nor v S'Ton

    For those of us in the United States and with NBC's Premier League Pass ($50/year to watch all of the games that aren't on NBC or NBC Sports Network channels), we have the choice of watching games with or without the TV-produced crowd noise. I prefer watching the games without the crowd noise...
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    Bri V Ars

    I can't see this as anything more than a simple foul at the Premier League level unless the game in general is bordering on becoming out of control. A word with the attacker would be good after calling the foul, but it's just not a card in my opinion. I had the game on in the background, but I...
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    Matteo Guendouzi will face no further action over Neal Maupay incident

    I don't think this is true because the assumption of Arsenal being elite probably isn't true anymore. :) In all seriousness, I just don't see how a grab of the throat like that isn't violent conduct. If Martin Atkinson and his crew said they saw it and aren't taking further action, that's not...