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    How long does it take to move up levels?

    I had one 12 month period where I was 'between' full time jobs. Officiated 102 games across the full season. There are plenty of games available Saturdays, Sundays, midweek evenings and even midweek daytimes if you are available!
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    Additional Assistant Referees

    An entirely fair and reasonable point of view. And one with which I fundamentally disagree :) Having now worked with Comms myself, I understand just how much ALL the officials can better assist the centre referee, even when it appears they are doing very little indeed! And the beauty of this...
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    How long does it take to move up levels?

    Yes, that is what he's saying. And in reality the vast majority of referees never apply for promotion but provide a very important (and sometimes enjoyable!) service to the game at L7. As for different counties being different, that's pretty common in many things to do with refereeing. With...
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    Hoping to do my first AR game soon

    1) Depends on the referee but generally, as an inexperienced AR, you will be "junior" and most likely not bench side. So you can focus on the basics of offsides, ball in and out and (occasionally) fouls in your credible area without having to worry about managers and subs. In this case you'll...
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    How long does it take to move up levels?

    As with most things in English football, it varies slightly from county to county! However, as a general guide, you need to do a minimum of one year as a Level 7 before even applying for promotion. Then you can progress one level per year for the first two years, except in a few places where...
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    Injured Player

    Accurate point but I think overcomplicating things. Letting a sub take a throw in the hope / expectation that he manages to put at least one foot on the line in the throwing process is asking for trouble. When he takes it with both feet behind the line and you then whistle to stop play it's...
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    First S3 and S4 yesterday evening.

    Sounds you handled both incidents very well. Aided by the fact that you'd made the extra effort to be well positioned and thus credible. Players will always reference "similar" incidents if they're feeling aggrieved, no worries on that score. Only thought is whether you clearly communicated...
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    Lack of Respect for the Game

    Sounds likes a C1 caution for AA to me. Adopting an Annoying Attitude :)
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    Dissent & Sin Bin

    That's not what he said Graeme. All he said was when someone (actually) dissents he gives them a Yellow. This is no different to saying that if someone commits a Reckless challenge, he also gets a Yellow. Not all comments / disagreement tip over into dissent territory just like not all...
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    Do you have to use sin bins?

    Only got there just before the sin binning. Was indeed a toasty afternoon! My game was a nice warm down after a somewhat fractious (and poorly refereed, by me :oops:) Southern League game on the Saturday
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    Dissent & Sin Bin

    For what it's worth, I'm not convinced that an additional comment like that should tip the scales into dissent territory, especially if it was said quietly enough that only the referee heard. In reality, it's entirely a player's right to report any of us should they (albeit 99 times out of 100...
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    Do you have to use sin bins?

    If that was on a nice new 4G pitch near Heathrow then I was watching over by the technical areas, having just reffed the home team's development side. Offside decision looked good to me ... :)
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    Make a decision

    In the real world, if the ball accidentally hits a defender's hand / arm in the penalty area, all concerned will want / expect the referee to make a quick, clear and decisive call (for no penalty). Waiting a second or two to 'see what happens' is just not credible in this case. The idea that...
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    Make a decision

    I totally agree. Football is a complex game and the last thing I want is a 1,000 page law book trying to cover all eventualities. We are all well aware of the type of scenarios that the goal / goal scoring opportunity accidental handball law change was designed to prevent (wrongly, in my...