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    Manchester City v West Ham

    You're absolutely right. However, let's spare a thought for the fact that they will have spent 10-15 years working their way through the system calling offsides a certain way ... to the point where it should be instinctive. Now, with the introduction of VAR, they are being asked to do...
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    Best Ground and Biggest Crowd You've Refereed?

    This season I enjoyed a day trip to referee Guernsey FC and the crowd was just under 1,000. On the line, Dulwich Hamlet had over 3,000 in on the weekend when it was an international break for bigger clubs. Best stadium ... Under Armour corporate match at the old White Hart Lane. Best surface...
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    Referee With 4th Official

    Congrats, great appointment! Key thing to check is who would replace you should you go down. Might be the Fourth Official or might still be your Senior Assistant. That person obviously needs to keep a full match record ... no harm in others doing so but not as necessary. From personal...
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    Referee Positioning

    @RustyRef , writing with a whistle ... is there no end to your talents?! ;):rolleyes:
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    USWNT vs Haiti

    Agreed. Any ONE official can lapse, though obviously the ones selected for international matches should be least likely to do so. However, what amazes me is that the centre referee compounds the error. This should be a simple jog over for a consultation, agree the AR messed up and then signal...
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    Drop Ball Goal

    The other occasion which will unavoidably catch us out (and it did in fact happen to me in my Contrib match on Saturday) is where you drop it to a team in their own half, generally to the keeper, when they are losing and trying to chase the game. Understandably he then boots it way upfield more...
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    I think that's an outstanding suggestion :cool:
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    @Ross , any chance of you helping out by adding a dinosaur emoji for us to use on relevant occasions .... :rolleyes::)
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    MNC FUL (DOGSO question)

    Good to see IFAB confirming on Twitter what everyone on here has been saying :)
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    Shrewsbury vs Liverpool Black Kit

    At a recent Supply League referee meeting, one of the current EPL officials was asked about exactly this issue. His response was basically that they try their best but in the wider scheme of things they see it as trifling. As he put it ... "I'm not expecting to be challenging Adrian for the...
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    First AR appointment

    My briefing to my ARs re Goal Kicks has changed this season and is early in the conversation. I now stress the importance for ALL of us to be extra vigilant on this phase of play and remind them that it is NOT an offence for an attacker to simply be in the area (when the GK is taken) IF it is...
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    Others in the thread have already cleared up that if the ball 'is kicked and clearly moves' then it's a legal corner kick. So the key question is whether the referee actually sees the ball move when it is first played by the initial attacker. If you DO see it move then you've no basis for...
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    :rolleyes: Not sure whether to take this as a compliment or be mortally offended :D
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    Keeping hands warm

    But only the back of your hands /fingers as otherwise your next visit to the toilet might prove somewhat of an adventure .... :rolleyes:
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    Like the others, I would strongly recommend you go for it. Whether you wish to progress to semi professional level or just to improve as a referee, getting the observations of others is often illuminating. I qualified as a referee in my early 40's and I'm now officiating at Level 3 (which...