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    Tattoos In Football

    It will draw comments from some of the older observers I suspect. I don't remember seeing any referees at senior levels with them, and those that I know do have them wear long sleeves.
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    Mutton dressed as lamb

    It's the expectation in England at L4 and below, you should signal advantage immediately and then pull it back at necessary. The argument for this, as has already been said, is it may reduce the potential for retaliation as the fouled player knows you have seen it as opposed to thinking it has...
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    Referee retention idea

    The obvious problem is if you don't appoint referees to the troublesome teams they are probably quite happy with that. And the teams that lose out are their opponents who get kicked off the park with no protection and no come back on the troublesome team. Whilst I agree that club and player...
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    WSL - Man City vs Spurs

    I think making yourself 7 feet tall by putting your arms straight up in the air pretty much ticks that box :)
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    Everton v Burnley

    Suspect the officials are still trying to adjust to this newer and more laid back approach. New approach or not though, that Tarkowski challenge just cannot be allowed. That ticked all boxes for being out of control.
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    Referee Retention - Open Letter

    One of the new KPIs for CFAs this season is conversion rates, i.e. the percentage of referees you convert from level T to level 7. I suspect that will mean there is more focus on avoiding this issue where lots of people just do courses for their DoE award and other things.
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    I thought that as well, the impact was massively different though. If you choose to lunge like that you are taking a risk, as the saying goes you pays your money and you takes your chances. Players can't complain if they are sent off for it, but sometimes they will get away with it.
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    Real time it was difficult to spot, you tend to focus on the leading leg as opposed to the trailing one. Also from Pawson's angle I don't think he can see the trailing leg making contact. Conversely, Andy Madley had the absolutely perfect angle to see the impact of that trailing leg. What...
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    WSL - Man City vs Spurs

    I didn't see many protests, but the BBC News article on it says ... City players protested heavily in front of a stunned home crowd, but Tottenham held on to pick up their second victory of the season. Can only assume they didn't at the time but did before the restart.
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    WSL - Man City vs Spurs

    There is going to be real controversy after this game, and further calls for VAR to be added to the women's top level game. Spurs have just scored a frankly ridiculous goal. Cross came in and a Spurs forward had both hands straight up in the air way above her head. The ball clearly hit them...
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    You don't know he was speaking to VAR, he could have been talking to his assistants and 4th official. I'm pretty sure 4th official, Andy Madley, who had by far the best view of it, has told him it was a foul and to go red. Would also add having seen the replay that Sky showed, cutting it...
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    It's a really difficult one, real time the tackle didn't look bad at all and Pawson wasn't even going to give a free kick. That may or may not be down to the directive to let more physical play go this season (which I suspect Klopp will argue about), but the trailing leg has obviously caused...
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    Palace v Spurs

    I think the reason you don't see a player getting two cautions here is it is almost always the fouled player jump up and retaliate. There's an argument that Tanganga can't avoid getting involved as Zaha has grabbed hold of him, and I think pretty much everyone in football, except perhaps some...
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    Referee Retention - Open Letter

    Add to this that a lot of L4 and above referees let themselves go during lockdown and couldn't pass the fitness test even if they decided they wanted to. It really has been the perfect storm.
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    Not really, but the key skill for a referee at any level is applying law correctly. If the referee has ignored a mandatory law before a ball has even been kicked there are going to be doubts forming. Not saying I would be pulling them up for it necessarily, but there are plenty who will, and...