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    WSL again

    Where we are AR2 records goals and cards. Error in law for ref. For the others, esp. 4O, marked down on communications skills presumably. Shame. But happens. Also possible that an AR did raise it in comms but ignored by the ref in the fog of war...
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 8 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    Yeah, Q3 answer is wrong. It should read goal kick or throw in @Dutch Referee Blog
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    Molten Valkeen

    I love it, but you are right. The plastic is not as sturdy as it could be (one snapped in the freezing cold), and the finger grips are vital - someone should really sell them separately ;) So, yeah, overpriced. But still, you can step down to a Dolphin for 6-7€ or any other whistle, but there...
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    I will have a first game next week. It will be interesting with the count, because we used to start on zero and the whistle was blown on 4. Now we start on one and blow on 5. We are also instructed to verbalise every count. So it's now going to be the first time players hear "4". I think it's...
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    Senior AR

    Yes, very good. Also you can choose a point to be proactive - check that they understand why AR2 delayed a flag, or if they saw an advantage, shows you are human and "in the game". Mix it up. If you keep saying "sometimes we see different things" they will starting taking the p**s. The...
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    Leeds Vs Wolves

    Robertson also got away with one, under the nose of a very embarrassed MO, seems to have been forgotten
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    AR - Getting ref's attention

    SCREAM YOUR REF'S NAME In every pre-match I tell ARs "if the flag goes up behind my back, scream my name, I want to hear it from you, not from the players". And I do the same when I am AR. Your voice is the most effective tool here when your ref is not expecting a flag when the ball is dead.
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    That’s interesting. The folks on the futsal FB are not interpreting it the same, And my guys... we had our training today and we had a classic slide: basically that passage is so badly written we are ignoring it until we hear something concrete from Uefa;)
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    Molten Valkeen

    Don’t buy from Amazon
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    Merseyside derby

    Robertson YC Pickford RC it is criminal the officials got these wrong. Robertson is exactly that sort of player against the most exciting signing in the PL, and VVD might be out for 8 months - the league’s best player arguably - from that foul. The offsides looked rubbish but whatever... Mane...
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    How many competitive games have you guys reffed?

    I just finished this season last weekend with 94 plus 6 u8 games for a round 100. This is season 8. In 2017 I also did over 100. If I throw in the couple of tournaments abroad then it must be over 500. If I add futsal then it's probably 700. Ouch. I should count. Edit: I just counted as our...
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    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    "If a goalkeeper is just in front of his/her own goal to guard it, it is considered that no DOGSO offence can be committed, even if the situation meets the other criteria for DOGSO. If a goalkeeper commits an offence which denies the opposing team an obvious goalscoring opportunity or denies...
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    Making decisions as an AR

    Yes, of course we talked. And I did not hint that I thought he bottled the decision so early in the game. I really didn't. I just explained that I looked for his reaction, there was none, and I thought it was obvious, so I felt I had to flag... (it was the classic break away, the two players, GK...
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    Making decisions as an AR

    In the OP I am not flagging but I am having a constructive word with my ref at half time/full time to recommend they make a reaction at KMIs for the players, fans and ARs. Any reaction will do: ”carry on”, ”no”, ”not for me”, cut the grass, whatever. But if a ref with ARs does not react then...