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    Penalty shoot out

    Don’t feel foolish. First up, that’s an incredibly unlikely event that would catch out a lot of ARs so don’t beat yourself up. And to have the presence of mind to communicate with the players and the clarity to then give a ”correct” decision... hats off :) I’ve learned something here. I always...
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    Incident behind ref's back

    It’s a really tough situation with no NARs. It’s even worse if you turn around to see retaliation. There’s no easy way out. You have already given the answer: you can only sanction what you can see. When on your own in difficult games your movement can help. Get wide, keep as many players in...
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    Behind play incident

    Surely if you caution you have to go back and give a DFK to blue for the trip. Depending on what the AR explained (and IMHO the AR should have flagged it at the time, and you might be in a difficult position thanks to the very late flag, that was just a flag for attention (?) rather than a flag...
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    First Manager Difficulties

    If you shower him a yellow card and then he commited more dissent, why didn’t you show the red? SHOWER = SHOWED ;)
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    Goalkeeper Six second law.

    I don’t get the idea that losing position is “punishment enough.” My logic goes something like: there’s an offence I don’t want to happen again - so a yellow card fits. Players lose the ball all the time. It’s not a great reward or deterrent. They can only get a YC once in a game (and stay on...
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    Goalkeeper Six second law.

    The only thing I can justify is “shows lack of respect for the game.” But this is flimsy. The problem is “what football expects” and what match control requires and maybe in the OP what the team deserves! Because other blatant time wasting offences get a mandatory card. It would be easier...
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    Goalkeeper Six second law.

    It is not a mandatory caution. Can you explain in law why you don’t have the option of cautioning for USB or dissent?
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    Goalkeeper Six second law.

    In the LotG 2018-19, which is what we’re still on, caution offence #1 is delaying the restart of play. But I understand that kicking from the hand is not a restart so I cautioned for USB.
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    Goalkeeper Six second law.

    I called one in added time the other day. Last game, opponents needed points to avoid relegation, 1-2 down. Teammates had been warned, keeper had been warned, keeper kept the ball in hand, I got got to a slow 9 in my head, warned loudly, then he paused, faked to kick, I whistled and yellow...
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    New whistle

    TBH my Valkeen broke last week. It was about 2 degrees and I don't think I bit it. Anyway, I have another one coming in the post. I would never go back!
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    New whistle

    Valkeen. Pricey but OMG
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    Think I missed a mandatory caution

    Sounds like a lot of action @boblardo - were you on your own, no NARs?
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    Scousers V Foxes

    Mike Dean (legend) just caught a dive in the Newc-Manc game. Class.
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    When the video is playing I don’t think there is conclusively contact
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    I don't see a red there. High foot at the side of the player, at least careless, contact looks minimal from the video, so even reckless yellow seems a lot...