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    MOAS Match official number/letter combo query

    Hope this makes sense and I was just posting out of curiosity.. I was wondering what the letter mean after the level number on MOAS under the match official section. e.g. 5a,5c etc… Does anybody know ?
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    2019 L4 Promotions

    No email for me - so I guess 3rd time lucky (again)... Roll on this time next year...
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    Ervocom Buzzer flags

    NO - charge - Highly recommended.
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    Ervocom Buzzer flags

    Thanks for your help guys - been sent replacement rubber handles.. :) #
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    Ervocom Buzzer flags

    I have a set of these and am looking for new grips as the current ones I have are quite worn and they could do with a "make-over" - Any ideas where I can get the grips for them ?
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    FA Promotions

    Well done to all who got the email. I myself didn't receive one - so next year for me (fingers crossed)
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    I’m getting impatient!

    I too am awaiting the news.. One of the leagues I officiate on does not finish until late May.. Best of luck to all awaiting news..
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    New for 2017/18 Season - FA harsher punishments for Ref assaults
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    Sin Bin - Guinea pigs

    I think their will be some initial challenges but it has the potential to work. Glad to see the FA has only chosen disent as would be a nightmare for all offenses that IFAB initally suggested.. But as said before it works in Rugby and the refs get a lot more respect than we do as football...
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    Level 4 promotions

    Word has it, Monday is the day..
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    Level 4 promotions

    It will be a MOAS group booking again.. Look for an email soon I guess, as they will want to get an idea of numbers for each venue
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    Level 4 promotions

    Soem counties will allow a "double jump" 7-5. And with the increase in matches needed to be covered on the line and the middle increasing I would suggest 1 jump each season.
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    Blood subsitutions

    After my final middle of the season, and a player took the ball at full force on his nose, it occured to me why don't FIFA introduce Blood subs as is rugby. The reason for the thought was the team, while the player was being treated, were disadvantaged in the fact they had lost a player from...
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    Level 4 promotions

    265 - that is a lot of nominations.. Well done all..
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    Level 4 promotions

    I personally do it in June. The invite will be appearing in MOAS, I presume soon.. For you to confirm the location and date of preference..