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    Sunscreen Fail

    Why do I never learn!? So burnt today!
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    Might be refereeing u14s this weekend

    I had an U15 and then U14 (double header). Both good games. Just the 2 bookings in the final game - one for a rugby tackle and the other for a reckless challenge - no complaints from anyone tbh. Really good fun - although I am sunburnt!!
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    Might be refereeing u14s this weekend

    I think the cards are there if warranted. Kids will understand, I just spend a little more time explaining decisions with the younger ones so that they learn from the experience. But not booking when required doesn’t set the boundaries and expectations for the future and I think it creates more...
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    Get the first foul

    Absolutely love this!!
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    Get the first foul

    At that level, I’d be inclined to agree - hopefully the club gets hit very hard by the authorities.
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    Get the first foul

    Quite simply shocking behaviour. Yes, he missed the severity of the foul, but that doesn’t make it ok for the players to behave in the manner in which they did. Surely the referee must have been contemplating abandonment?!
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    Might be refereeing u14s this weekend

    I referee youth games the same as I do for adults, generally. However, I do give more benefit of the doubt with youngsters when it comes to cautions/RC. However, if it is a YC offence, they get a YC - it is important that they learn and that the LotG are applied as normal, otherwise they will...
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    Registration 21/22

    I managed to do mine yesterday in about the same amount of time. Love the WGS - prefer it so much to the old spreadsheet system, which was really time consuming and arduous.
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    Accused of hugging the centre circle

    What app is this?
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    New Handball

    Ok... I am confusederer
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    New Handball

    I have to be honest - I am starting to get a little bit confused about the HB rule.
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    Player swears at an opponent verbal abuse only

    I have to say that I don’t do many youth games, but when I do, I make it abundantly clear that if someone is big enough to swear at someone, they are big enough to receive the consequences (teacher hat on!). Of course, swearing in frustration or a slight slur can happen, but if they are being...
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    Summer training

    So... after getting back into it all, my general fitness has improved however, I have some things that I really want to work on and would be interested in some tips from fitness gurus! 1. General stamina is ok - but want to get my acceleration up a bit 2. Calf muscles are quite weak and take...
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    VAR thread #458

    Yep. This one is a shocker... I am also confused why the Wolves handball penalty wasn’t given (not as obvious and clear as this one though!!)... But, I am very biased on this one... but I am getting so confused with the handball rule now...
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    Refereeing open age

    I’d ask your RA if they could ask any of their experienced members to come to a couple of your first games to give support. Also, speak to the leagues and let them know that you’re under 18 - I’m sure the ref sec will give you appropriate games! Go to a couple of OA matches and chat to the ref...