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    Eng v Yanks

    re the offside. I too called it pretty much straightaway (OK, from the comfort of the armchair and an elevated view), but also agree a very tricky call to make on the FOP. However, it did make me wonder whether, as referees, we watch football in a different way to non-referees? Are we always on...
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    IFAB app

    The next version of the app is going to apply the laws for you, so you can just stay in the centre circle and point your phone's camera at play. (I realise this is what some do anyway... :D )
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    tournament fees

    You've pretty much described the model we use at the youth club where I organise the refs for our tournament. Ensuring there is sufficient coverage is key, and that the refs get breaks - but effectively three refs for two pitches works out well. Do 2 games on pitch A, then 2 on pitch B, then...
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    Single referee calling offside

    Whilst its nice to be in the best position to spot an offside, like any offence as important, if not more important, is to be in the best position to confidently and convincingly give the offence.
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    The Cup Final

    Robbie Savage (commentating on BT Sport) should feature in the next Specsavers advert. Ridiculous comments coming from him.
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    IDFK deflected into the goal

    It raises a question for me, that I'm hoping @Peter Grove will be able to answer... why do we have indirect free kicks anyway?
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    Leeds v Villa

    As well as punishing individual players, they should punish the team via points deductions. That might see some players think twice about their actions.
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    At what age level do you start calling foul throws?

    1. An ugly throw-in is not necessarily a foul throw-in. 2. At what age do you start blowing for them? U8? U11? U15? U18? OA? For me, its U11 when the full LotG come in to effect (taking in to account my point 1 though). Why disadvantage the team that spends time coaching its players on how to...
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    First Time Being Assistant Referee

    Indeed. As an AR, you will be able to see whether the R has missed a flag from the other AR. And as @socal lurker pointed out higher upthread, the most common scenario is a missed flag for OS - and it looks a lot more professional mirroring than shouting.
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    First Time Being Assistant Referee

    County or League semi? Sussex run AR training nights for all the folk they've assigned to run lines for their semi/finals - check whether your CFA does or not. Otherwise, my five top (?!) tips: 1/ Practice crabbing, if for no reason other than to get your leg muscles used to it. 2/ Hold the...
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    IFAB AGM 133

    But shouldn't the referee be able to dismiss a ballboy who is guilty of delaying a restart - might save some of the scenarios we've seen over time?
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    IFAB AGM 133

    In the same way we don't currently "engineer" drop ball outcomes...
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    IFAB AGM 133

    My question on the handball wording: For those two final points, how long are we supposed to wait before deciding that the handball gave them a goal-scoring opportunity? If there's a shot on goal consider whether the opening phase of play had a potential handball, and then disallow it?
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    IFAB AGM 133

    Is a ballboy considered a team official?