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    Bobby Madley opens up on why he left

    Thought it was pretty clear from the blog who the leaker was.(Not a ref peer)
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    Affordable referee communication kit

    Just to note, I think the headsets that come with the fbim ejeas are rubbish. If you buy one, you'd be best to consider that you need to buy an alternate headset. Couple of options:
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    Arsenal vs Aston Villa

    Looking at the 3rd arsenal goal, aren't there arsenal players in the wall? Don't the laws now prevent this?
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    OFFINABUS from player to player...

    This is not that extreme. OFFInABUS doesn't have to mean swearing either. Have heard of a player who advised another player that they were glad his child was disabled. Hopefully you'd agree that is red card worthy.
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    Affordable referee communication kit

    For example, these? They look identical to the spintso comms kit, and the refsworld one. Have used the spintso, and thought they were pretty good. For reference have used vokkeros...
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    appointed to a last match of league where one participant may be relegated.

    Last kickoff of the day, so they may be relegated prior to kickoff, or in the hunt to stay up. Would you find out the results of the other match prior to kickoff, or avoid knowing?
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    A-League KFTPM

    When the nix had an a-league final series game a number of years ago, the penalty boom camera was down the home end, and was unsurprisingly chosen. Think it's pretty standard a - league behaviour.
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    Run Tracker whilst refereeing

    Refsix with a ticwatch s. Really good, gives distance, heart rate and a heatmap. You can record match events, but I still do that with pen+paper.
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    Offside missed, ball gone out and restart taken

    At higher levels, instant responses to trouble is a key component to retaining match control. You're correct that they are aids, as are comms, but they're invaluable, especially for off the ball antics behind the run of play.
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    Offside missed, ball gone out and restart taken

    Thank God for beep flags. Nothing you can really do - as soon as a restart is given, the ref can't come back. If he restarts play, you will have to get back in position quickly.
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    Dropped ball kick back to keeper

    The laws are quite specific on these situations, so take the advice that knowing the laws well, helps you manage game situations. In this case check law 8 around dropped balls and note: "Any number of players may contest a dropped ball (including the goalkeepers); the referee cannot decide who...
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    Red or Advantage?

    If the attackers shot had gone wide, what would your decision have been?
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    Red or Advantage?

    The goalie created this situation, not the ref, by commiting an offense worthy of dogso consideration
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    Red or Advantage?

    I can understand why you'd seek the opportunity to play advantage in a dogso-yellow situation, but in such a blantant dogso-red, I can't help but feel the game, and match control is best served by the goalie walking, and having a week off.
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    Penalty or no?

    I don't speak Dutch, but here's what VAR and ref discussed. I think it's one of those ones where it's a clear penalty in parks football, but at this level, you can conclude that the attackers moves the ball away to a place where he can't regain possession to invite contact and a penalty decision.