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    Wet Sham v United

    Noble red card??
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    A City of Firsts....

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    EPL Ref watch

    Everton v Blades, Simon Hooper did a decent job today, a day of few controversial incidents but kept strong when the home crowd were getting desperate 8/10, well done... Saw a girl in large rollers in the crowd.... WTF
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    Strange Judgement ......However, the panel said it did not believe Beardsley was racist. "We are satisfied that Mr Beardsley is not a racist in the sense of being ill-disposed to persons on grounds of their race or ethnicity," it said. Thats a new one!!!
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    Sad News

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    El Ghazi Headbutt

    When were these re-allowed back in, i missed the memo!!!
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    Lee Mason

    I thought we’d left the 2nd rate referees behind in the championship and below but today I witnessed a shocker by one of our learned colleagues. No issue with the goal, the result or the sending off but I’ve never seen a referee for a long time giving so poor decisions both ways. I’m usually the...
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    Old Mother Riley speaks! Minor admissions of failure of VAR?
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    Refereeing Mantra meme!

    By order of The Peaky Blinders! 👍
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    No card Xhaka??? Discuss
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    It's not Rugby!!!

    Strange defending!! Fair challenge??
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    Natural position

    I’ve just had my daily workout 😂 and have attempted to get my arms/ hands in lots of positions and I can confirm I can get into most of them quite naturally.. Can someone explain where the unnatural ones are??
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    United V Eagles

    How is that not a penalty on Martial. Was the VAR Mr Pawson away for a coffee and a biscuit
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    Thoughts so far, 3 games in

    Well, 3 games in and we should be sat with a possible 9 points, alas we haven’t world class strikers (like Leicester) but I’m fairly happy overall. Biggest bugbears so far are strikers with skis on falling down to win free kicks and refs falling for the same ruse. Benteke, Zaha, Maddison, take...
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    The Don!!

    Sad day when this guy retires!!
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    Cracking Question

    Where was the first ever 10,000 crowd in English football, who took part? Where was the first 100,000 crowd in English football, who took part? 4 points on offer!!
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    Tactical Fouls Seems Man City are on it again! 😱
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    Yellow card???

    Excessive Force, VC, take your pick? VAR now allows this??
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    Textbook DOGSO

    Fantastic decision to shift the keeper! Cool refereeing.... bye bye!