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    LOTG 17/18

    LOTG hard copies now available.
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    @Ross firstly thank you for my upgraded organiser, I only opened it yesterday (not long got back from the Middle East) I see you are advertising RefLive. Have you used it? Is it any good? I've used two apps already which have been rubbish. This one any better?
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    It's almost that time!

    Decisions.. Blues vs red. It's a cup final and the score is 2-1 to blues. In the final play of the game, the blues keeper is sent off for DOGSO. A penalty is awarded and the resultant kick is scored. The game goes to extra time and ends goalless. All three permitted substitutes were made during...
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    Why tolerate it? I've got something that is bothering me, I'd appreciate some feedback from the the Level 4's and above if that's okay. I've attached a document straight from the Premier League website which focuses on the abuse towards referees. Now, in my games if...
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    Thoughts? (Aka 5 red cards thread!)

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    The elusive LOTG book... No longer elusive!

    Finally!! NOTE:.. I just added three items to my basket... $25 for postage and packaging!! May just row over to the States, pick it up and row back!
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    Communications system

    Anyone use (or have used) these?
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    Become a Better Assistant Referee

    Before I start... remember this phrase "The Flash Lag Effect". Last week, we were fortunate enough at Cornwall FA to have Premier League Assistant Referee Simon Long take us for a coaching session. He set up a little square and had a tutor feeding balls in to an attacker, with two defenders in...
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    Observer Resources

    As observers, what do you guys use when watching a game? I've seen some guys using just plain paper, others using grids, ticksheets etc. Just looking for some useful documents
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    Confrontation and Rectification

    I'm creating a presentation to conduct at the next development day down here in Cornwall, the main topic I'll be presenting is dealing with confrontation/mass con. Do any of you guys have links to some good resources/material that I can use to get the presentation fully up to date?
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    Open Age Least he kept dry...

    Only... In... Cornwall...
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    Open Age Best ever red card!

    Okay, it's been a while since I created a post... I often just sit and view the forum these days, occasionally putting my thoughts across. I wanted to share this incident today because I often hear so much about players gobbling off after receiving a red card, it's often good to hear something...
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    Spintso PDA

    Spintso PDA... Anyone used one? Thoughts?
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    Junior/Youth U18 cup final

    So there I was, enjoying my time on the line in last nights cup final. Half time whistle blows. Lovely. We walk back out and get the game underway. Greens (attacking), Blues (defending). The ball has been pumped upfield by the greens goalie, the drop zone is ten yards inside the blues half and...
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    Junior/Youth Robbed

    I was at a youth cup final day not long ago...I had turned up during the second half of a game to get ready for my own that afternoon. I knew the team officiating. I stood behind the barriers and waited for play to be up the other side of the field before asking "Wilfed" the score and time...
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    What is wrong with people?

    Sunday Cup quarter final fixture today. A few comments and petulance during the first half but nothing major; I get the captains together at half time to have a quick chat about language and that I'd like for them to stop trying to ref the game... Uneventful first 20 minutes of the second half...
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    Your decision?

    Saw something yesterday that made me question a referees decision... What would you have done? I also have another scenario for you... Reds vs Blues... Reds mount an attack and manage to get a shot away and it IS on target. Blue keeper is beaten but a defender has managed to get back on his...
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    Winter Break

    I'm not sure if this has been covered in this forum lately, I've seen a few posts regarding the concept. It's also quite a hot topic on the Cornish Soccer Forum. Do you think it's time that the football season started early to substitute a summer break with a winter break?
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    Ladies Managers

    Refereed a ladies game this afternoon. absolutely no issues whatsoever. Very easy game to referee. Anyway, the home team are 5-0 up going in at the break with a full squad and bench, playing against a side who have a bare 11... Anyway, I blow for half time and the manager approaches me...