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    Taking your time with bookings also reduces the tensions of its becoming a heated game. It can help tbring things back down to a comfortable and more importantly, manageable level. Certainly nothing wrong with taking your time.
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    Match abandoned due to brawl

    More blasts on the whistle needed for me! Nowhere near enough Input from the referee here in that sense - long, sharp blows on a sonic blast would soon piss these players off enough that they’d want to get away, it would also draw their attention to the fact that he is watching closely. I think...
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    Remember to actually show the card when cautioning!

    My thoughts exactly @McTavish . Thanks for taking the time to have a read and quote the laws :) At the end of the day, the referee hear caused confusion by not following the process that we are all taught on day one of the Basic Referees Course. It’s bit him in the arse here. I’m sure that when...
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    Remember to actually show the card when cautioning!

    Yes, it’s poor because the showing of the first yellow card would have saved a bit of hassle in the end... but the showing of a yellow card is not a caution - it is merely a form of communicating to all that a player has been cautioned. The caution itself is the recording of the sanction after...
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    Bloody Players

    This thread... absolutely unbelievable!!!!
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    Sin Bins

    Shock response from Padders... :rolleyes:
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    I'm back playing after 10+ years reffing

    I still play regularly... I referee regularly... it’s important to see the game from both sides of the coin.
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    Sin Bins

    Notable change in behaviour in Cornwall - that’s the opinion of quite a few of the referees that I have spoken too. Games have been lost due to teams being a man (or two) down. That’s been noticed so teams are doing more to prevent this. I’ve been part of two games where I have had a chat with...
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    Man City vs Liverpool

    Page not found.. Damnit
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    As a level 2 assistant, you can still referee in the lower leagues. Its not uncommon that we get a a Premier League assistant referee officiate a grassroots game here in Cornwall. He had a moment not long ago when in the bar after the game, the players etc were saying "yeah you had a good game...
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    Players in glasses?

    For safety, they have to be approved for sport. The danger you have by allowing a player to play in spectacles is that if they were to go up for a header (either unchallenged or challenged), there is a huge potential for the glasses to shatter which could easily blind the player. Unfortunately...
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    Really New

    Welcome :) Keep doing what you're doing. It's great to see more females picking up the whistle :)
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    I had one the night before last. Boring game which was dragging. Not a bad first half but the second half, I kept losing concentration. First incident was striker in opponents penalty area, I saw defender get the ball so I look away and begin to jog away as I'm anticipating a clearance... but...
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    New ref couple of question's...

    Padders, I don't disagree with much that you say at all, most of the time you are correct in what you say. I disagree with how you go about it! Two completely different things here. Surely you are a big enough boy to understand that?
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    New ref couple of question's...

    Zara, I am not talking about one post, I'm talking about the majority. Look at the first few posts on this thread, constructive advice which actually attempts to educate the referee who asked the question. Not simply state the harsh reality of things. As I said and I reiterate my point, Padders...
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    New ref couple of question's...

    It's just allllll the time. never anything constructive which is what many seek when they come on here. Many would expect criticism, but they'd expect it in the right manner from the more experienced referees. There's a way to approach things and there's a way to speak to people and manage...
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    New ref couple of question's...

    Have you ever thought about approaching things in a constructive manner?!? Seriously, your pathetic posts are becoming tiring. If you can't say anything decent to help the guys and girls who come on here to ask for advice and feedback, keep it to yourself! Most of the time, you are right in...
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    Junior/Youth Sin Bins

    They still get reported. The caution still adds up to the players and clubs tallys. The only difference is that there is no £10 admin charge because the players would have already served their sentence, as it were
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    Junior/Youth Sin Bins

    Only managers and players (past and present) will understand the disadvantage of having a numerical disadvantage. Whilst a large majority of referees haven't played the game, you can see why they think a fine etc is the better disciplinary sanction. I'd take a £10 fine over ten minutes off the...
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    STOPPING A Promising Attack.

    Basically, if you believe that the defender was making a genuine attempt to play the ball, you do not caution. However, if it was a reckless challenge where you're of the opinion that the defending player wasn't attempting to play the ball, you caution. I think it's down to the fact that you are...