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  1. xPositor

    Red Card Reporting

    This has just dropped in to my inbox, advising that reports no longer need to be written for dismissals. New process very similar to cautions (other than for "aggravated" offences) - couple of drop-down fields online. The argument being that clubs cannot (should not be) contesting the fine...
  2. xPositor

    Your husband is a ****!

    Michael Oliver's wife comments on her experience after that game... Very, very sad reflection on, well, I'm not sure what.
  3. xPositor

    Blue Cards - Best Source

    I have to source a dozen or so blue cards for referees to use at our tournament in a few weeks. Other than A+H (because of their high P&P cost), does anyone know of a good source for these. In this instance, Google has not particularly been my friend. I'm considering buying a big piece of blue...
  4. xPositor

    LotG Changes - 2017/2018

    In double-checking something for the kick to the GK discussion, I went to IFAB and was having a look at their documents. I opened up a document detailing the revisions to the laws for 2017/2018 (here), and got confused with Law 8 - Start and Restart of Play. Old text: The kicker can stand in...
  5. xPositor

    Youth Football - Managing Games

    Some interesting points were being raised in a different thread, that got closed off for obvious reasons. There were two distinct discussions: one, regarding letting a game "flow", and two - stopping for injuries. On letting a game flow, the younger the participants, the more you should be...
  6. xPositor

    Post Surgery Recovery Time For Refereeing

    Two months ago I had a surprisingly short-notice CABG. In my mind I set myself a target of being back out refereeing sometime during February. Having mentioned this to my consultant, he raised an eyebrow and commented that I wouldn't be refereeing again this season. Anyone else on here have any...
  7. xPositor

    Disability Discrimination Act - Forum Compliance

    Dear Ross, Can you advise whether the forum complies with the DDA? The reason I ask is that people keep accusing me of being blind, so I want to make sure that my favourite site remains available to me? Kind regards, xP
  8. xPositor


    Is it just in England where we NAR's are taught to hold the flag in the left hand as much as possible (ie hand closest/most visible to the referee)? NAR in the England game only holding it in his right... Or am I just sad for picking up on that?
  9. xPositor

    WBA / MANU - Juan Mata

    Juan Mata correctly received a second caution for his "tackle" on Darren Fletcher. BUT - should he already have been on a yellow card? I think Juan Mata is guilty of the first point, not the second - he wasn't stood over the ball or similar preventing the kick being taken, he saw his...
  10. xPositor

    How/why did you get in to refereeing?

    Having joined this forum after getting bored of another about 18 months ago, I can definitely say that we're a mixed bunch! I thought it would be interesting to understand how others got in to refereeing... For me, I got my L1 coaches badge when my son went up to U6's in mini-soccer, and after...
  11. xPositor

    Name The Ref

    From the Guardian: Just as interesting for me is the referee kits over time... Enjoy.
  12. xPositor

    Sky Sports Ref Watch
  13. xPositor

    Multiple Duplicate Posts

    Is there a problem on the site at the moment - lots of posts are duplicated twice, three times, even four times?
  14. xPositor

    Red Card Quiz

    Enjoy... I got a poor 4 out of 10, and two of those were guesses!
  15. xPositor

    Have I Got News For You

    Last night's HIGNFY, hosted by Gary Lineker. First time I've ever regularly read the publication used in the "Missing Words" round. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing! And can you guess what the missing words were: I'll post the answer later.
  16. xPositor

    Argentinian referee banned for making the right decision after TV replay

    Referee German Delfino correctly overturned a red card and penalty Assistant is reported to have seen replay and urged referee to change mind
  17. xPositor

    A Busy Sunday Ahead

    Must remember clocks go forward. Must remember clocks go forward. 9.45 AR2 on League Cup Final 1 Quick change, ready for 12.00 League Cup Final 2 (My son's team, where I "coach") Quick change again, ready for 2.15 AR1 on League Cup Final 3 Quick change again, ready for Beer. Thankfully all at...
  18. xPositor

    Footballer who killed referee with one punch sentenced to eight years in prison
  19. xPositor

    Mark Clattenburg Interesting read... particularly the comments!
  20. xPositor

    Wrong on so many levels

    Again, its the Daily Mail again, but...: Child protection issues here not just for players, but in my opinion for the 15 year old ref as well.