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    First assessment 6-5

    i thought I was average and that my fitness wasn't where it needed to be. first of all I would like to congratulate you on a very impressive and polished performance. Your performance overall was consistent and you are clearly a competent referee for your level. Your application of law was...
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    possible misconduct report

    Hi, In my game today a few times after I had given a decision I was surrounded by at least 4 players from the same team questioning why I had given it. I had cautioned players for running half the pitch to do so. Would you also submit a separate misconduct report to highlight the issue to the CFA?
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    Last of my five games

    I had a game around 2 weeks ago where in the first 10 minutes there was a lot of dissent from one player in particular, needless to say he got cautioned. In the same half another player from the same team dicides to give a bit of verbals, nothing offensive, again he gets cautioned. In the...
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    Wearing a bib

    I had this from my CFA earlier in the season. I therefore am not even going to consider wearing a bib Hi It has been brought to my attention that certain referees have been wearing coloured referee kits in which to officiate. Just as a gentle reminder, that under The FA regulations, black is...
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    Possible extraordinary report?

    HI all, I had a match recently which i would like your views on. During the game I had a player who was consistently questioning my decisions and after using the stepped approach I cautioned the player. Later on in the match he challenged another of my decisions in which I reminded him that...
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    Motivational clip

    Here's another that was shown at a promotion evening I attended a couple years back
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    Important Refchat shop now open!!!

    are you getting any powertank pens anytime soon @Ross ??
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    Now a level 4

    Congratulations on passing the test Mike. Was it 2400 meters on a single running track in 12 minutes?
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    Hi All ...

    Welcome. If I were you I'd ignore @Ross as he is usually trying to sell you something from the store ;)
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    Life ban is unfair....
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    World Cup Sweepstake - with a difference

    Payment sent :)
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    Detailed match cards

    @micky2001 I can definitely say they are very useful for everything you describe as i was sceptical at first but now I wont go back to my old recording method.
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    Thoughts please

    Hi, Please could I have some thoughts on my first assessment and a potential mark from the assessors out there. 1. Application of Law Your early attendance ensured you carried out your pre-match duties efficiently. You were able to distinguish between the types of offences committed and...
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    Double jump

    Clearly my RDO thinks I'm good enough to do it or I wouldn't be doing a double jump from 7-5. I think I will spend a year at 5 before 5-4 but I will be seeking advice of others before making that decision. Im awaiting my assessment report and once received it will be posted on here for ideas of...
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    Double jump

    @svenny76 you need to indicate at the application time that you wish to do a double jump. You need to speak to your RDO/RDM if you with to do this as you need their support to do so.
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    Double jump

    Sorry @jojo I missed that bit out I need to have 6 assessments overall 3 for each assessment period. I had my first assessment last night and from what the assessor said I have nothing to worry about :). I will be putting it on here once I receive it for some feedback and a potential mark...
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    Ooh, exciting!

    Good luck on the appointment @DanCohen17
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    A quick hello!

    Hello and welcome Dewi. Ask away :)
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    Swapping Shirts

    In this case @Aled it would be a misconduct report
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    Double jump

    @Southend-ref I am currently taking part in the accelerated promotion scheme in Leicestershire and you have to fulfill all the normal critera except when it comes to the amount of games you referee. From March 1st 2014 to 30th September I have to do 20 OA games in the middle with 3 assessments...