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  1. Cheshire Ref

    Abuse this season?

    I just wanted to gather peoples thoughts on levels of abuse this season. Have you noticed an increase? I most certainly have and i would go as far to say i have received more abuse this season than my other 8 put together. I have had 4 OFFINABUS red cards, ALL 4 have been to a player i have just...
  2. Cheshire Ref

    Portugal v Switzerland (Not the VAR)

    Watched the highlights this morning and noticed this straight away. On Portugals first goal (Ronaldos free kick), there are two red shirts stood in the wall. Under the LOTG change as of 1st June, they shouldn't have been there. It clearly states that with a wall of 3 or more players defenders...
  3. Cheshire Ref

    Astro Trainers

    Need some advice. I wear Adidas Copa Mundials but wanted to get some Astro Trainers. Because i wont wear them that often i didnt want the expense of buying the Copa Mundial trainers. So i bought another pair of Adidas online (sports direct) and they are so narrow i cant even get my foot in them...
  4. Cheshire Ref

    Jlloyd Samuel

    Very sad, Jlloyd was involved in grass roots football around our way and played only last week in the Cheshire League.
  5. Cheshire Ref

    What would you do?

    Hypothetical situation, what would you do?? For one reason or another both teams have decided a pre-arranged protest. The game kicks of, the ball moves 5 yards and all 22 players sit down and do nothing for 20 minutes. Just to be clear the ball is in play. What do you do?
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  7. Cheshire Ref

    Persistent Infringement

    Was chatting with a colleague on Sunday and he made a good point all be it a little tongue in cheek. If a player is constantly offside then what would stop you from cautioning him for persistent infringement? According to Law 12, under cautionable offences: A player is cautioned if guilty of...
  8. Cheshire Ref

    England v Spain - Womens Euros

    Decided to sit and watch this last night and their were a few strange decisions to say the least. England scored a second goal after 5/6 minutes that was deemed offside, it was one of those where you saw it real time and thought it was wrong. An then there was this, the penalty that was the...
  9. Cheshire Ref

    Paris World Cup 2017

    So this year a colleague and i decided to embark on our first tournament and chose the Paris World Games. I thought i would share my experience with you all. We arrived late on Thursday 8th July after a 3 hour delay at Manchester Airport, we therefore missed the introduction meeting, but we...
  10. Cheshire Ref

    Mark Saggers, Talksport

    Well i have heard Mark Saggers talk some guff but i think he may have excelled himself with this article. No yellow or red cards and a 15 minute sin bin for headbutting a player........
  11. Cheshire Ref

    FA Cup Final Referee

    Congratulations to Mr Taylor
  12. Cheshire Ref

    Sin Bins/Temporary Dismissals

    Cant say i like this one bit.........
  13. Cheshire Ref

    Who was playing him on then ref?

    One of my biggest pet hates as a referee is being asked the question, "Who was playing him on then ref?" when calling a player on side. More often than not i get this on the line and more often than not i can answer the question. I was after a bit of advice as to what the answer is if you don't...
  14. Cheshire Ref

    Team stand still in penalty protest
  15. Cheshire Ref

    Mark McGhee

    Motherwell boss Mark McGhee 'to consult lawyer' after being sent off Just when you think you have heard it all...........
  16. Cheshire Ref


    I have come across a site that has basically cloned the pro direct website and are selling boots from China. I have spoken with Pro Direct and they are trying to have it taken down. I purchased a pair of Copa Mundial from them and they are clearly fake and have been shipped from China and not UK...
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    Full time

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  19. Cheshire Ref

    Goal kick..........
  20. Cheshire Ref

    Spirit of the game?

    Is this what IFAB mean by spirit of the game? Nobody has appealed (somewhat amazingly) so i am not blowing my whistle,play on!!!!