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  1. WilliamD

    Club Marks

    Just got the banding for second half of the season. Extremely disappointing. In a season where I was promoted to 5 with two above standard observations I am in the bottom band for club marks. Granted it's only over 10 games as it was a Step 6 league I only joined in September and the marking...
  2. WilliamD

    Good quiz q

    From “The attacking team correctly takes a throw-in, and the defending goalkeeper tries to catch the ball. The goalkeeper does not touch the ball, and a team-mate of the goalkeeper punches the ball over the crossbar. What decision does the referee make?”
  3. WilliamD

    What on earth?? Is this real? Does anyone know what happened??
  4. WilliamD

    There’s only one Mike Dean

  5. WilliamD

    Lost his head

    I mean - wow. I had a particularly tough bench to manage last night with three dismissals but that was nothing compared to this. 5 month ban?? That’s it? How is this guy alllowed back in football?
  6. WilliamD


    Some very very dumb ideas here. And a few we have all mentioned on this site.
  7. WilliamD


    I suspect this is the single biggest development point for all referees once we get the training wheels off, grasp the laws, and get a bit of experience under our belt. I have had two of my three promotion observations (6-5) and I was above standard in a number of categories except only "at...
  8. WilliamD

    AR - which hand?

    One thing I always dread on the line is when I have to put the flag straight up quickly to signal the ball has gone out of play (you know close ones on the touch line or goal line) I seem to always have the flag in the wrong hand for the direction of the throw. Had it about 4 times last night...
  9. WilliamD

    GK decision

    GK saves the ball by catching it in his stomache area, drops it relatively quickly to his feet, dribbles a bit, picks it up and throws it to one of his players. Decision?
  10. WilliamD

    Dismissing Club Official - Guidelines

    Laws state we can dismiss a manager, club official etc - got that (let's not get into the medical staff intricacies) ...but are there guidelines from anyone (leagues? IFAB?) on what constitutes not acting in a "reasonable manner". I managed the benches poorly in my match last week. The away...
  11. WilliamD

    Quick IDFK in the box

    Hope the link works. Correct call on IDFK...but I would never let it happen quickly in the box like that. Am I wrong or is this ref “wrong”?
  12. WilliamD

    L5 assessment

    Does anyone have the latest guide for observers / criteria for 6-5? I thought I saw it on here once upon a time but I can’t find it through search. I’m not clear on what more is expected and if for nothing more than confidence i’d like to know what they are looking for. First game of the new...
  13. WilliamD

    Half time subs warming up

    Interesting incident for me this weekend. As I’m sure is the case for most of us in the northern hem this time of year the pitches the last few weeks have been touch and go. This Saturday I was lucky enough to have very nice pitch at a fantastic venue. Nice pitch but it was wet of course and we...
  14. WilliamD

    Bass Ackwards

    Did a line last night. Great ref in the middle no issues there. Only odd thing is the ref had us assistants run the right back side of the pitch. First time i’ve had that and frankly found it very weird (held the flag in the wrong hand often). Players complained about it at the start of each...
  15. WilliamD

    Being seen to discuss

    What do we think about the recent increase in ceremonial discussions between referee and assistants on TV. We have 2 from Madley (the offside debate with his assistant recently and the Liv/Eve match where he jogged all the way from the left corner to the middle to discuss with Moss) and we have...
  16. WilliamD

    Interesting read

    Andre Marriner travelled 1,101 miles in seven days during festive period - is it any wonder Premier League referees made mistakes? - The Telegraph
  17. WilliamD

    Oops (small one)

    made a mistake today in a cup match. More technical/interesting than a KMI problem. After awarding an offside blue keeper is taking the IDFK from inside the penalty area. He kicked it a short distance and plays it again. I blew for IDFK and everyone on the pitch was happy with that and the...
  18. WilliamD

    Man of the match

    Interesting one - just got a text from one of the teams I refereed today - asking who I thought their man of the match was. First response was "ummm not for me to decide", then they said it's a thing they do every week for year end awards, they ask the ref who their MOTM was...that's a first. I...
  19. WilliamD

    Reporting Cards

    is anyone brave enough to admit they sometime don’t put through cautions or dismissals? If so why? Every week a player or (today) manager asks me “are you going to put those cards through?” It’s usually actually quite friendly and casual - probably trying to influence. It gets me wondering if...
  20. WilliamD

    Worst ever abuse (for me)

    What a game today. Away team was by far the most abusive I have ever refereed. They got rolled over 8-4 and I awarded 5 penalties against them - not one doubt about any of them and frankly very little complaining per incident. The last 20 disintegrated as the losing team started piling on me -...