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    WSL again

    Could also be that Oliver communicated the number wrongly to her AR's over comms, I've heard it quite often that the CR will just say 'NO4, Yellow card,SPA' and I wouldn't be surprised if the assistents wouldn't bet an eye, in which case they're still not safe from a holiday but better off than...
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    Merseyside derby

    The AR didn't have a view on it as he was busy flagging a marginal offside when they have been told to wait and see. That's the thing that's still mind boggling to me, would have been a sent off Pickford if Oliver'd been allowed to give the PK, see the assistant with his flag up and then check...
  3. J

    I’m too lenient and it backfired today

    Although I also rank most of my games with a lot of cards in my worst ones, especially the 'avoiding' the cards. Much like Oliver last Saturday, if he'd been a bit stricter on the advantage, Richarlison wouldn't have gone off and Thiago wouldn't be injured. It's just so difficult to understand...
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    Merseyside derby

    Brushed under the rug a bit, but I'm also seriously considering binning Robertson for kicking out after he was fouled by Mina. Richarlison and Pickford are similar, rash tackles that both should have ended in reds. Think Oliver is regretting waiting for an advantage there although Richarlison...
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    Merseyside derby

    Offside offense did come before the 'tackle' but I don't understand why the assistant flags when he knows to let the attack play out with wait and see
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    Merseyside derby

    This is my mind's exact picture when thinking of SFP, I think they're incorrect in law by not sending Pickford off here. Any outfield player's taking an early shower here
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    Merseyside derby

    What do we make of that Pickford challenge? It's offside but that doesn't negate the absolute excessive way he goes in
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    Mass melee - fan footage

    Ah I didn't know black is reserved for refs on your side of the pond. Over here, we sorta have to have three colours to be sure none match with a team. I'd like it if I always got to wear black but that sadly isn't always the case
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    Most annoying reaction to correct decisions

    Absolutely hate those decisions where you give a free kick, potentially a card and the fouled player and defender both know what's up. And then you hear the full bench and everyone from about 80 yards away complaining about the call as of I wasn't ten yards but ten lightyears away
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    Mass melee - fan footage

    Looks like solid decisions, not sure giving yellows here is required with CAR not helping here. Wondering why you're wearing black though, isn't that confusing for the teams?
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    Man U v Spurs

    Okay, I'll stick to what'd happen on the other side of the pond and I'm glad European refs are sending off for either VC or SFP for these. Both are accepted and I've seen assessors lower scores for not applying the law if they let these slide. I think in law, you're absolutely allowed to send...
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    Man U v Spurs

    Okay, perhaps it's a stretch about the 'incredibly dangerous nature of the challenge'. Doesn't take away from the rest of the post or the example given. I'm honestly asking why'd you even reconcile yourself with keeping a player that makes a challenge like this on the pitch instead of doing...
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    Man U v Spurs

    I really wouldn't want to be on the pitch where a ref doesn't give a red for this. It's an absolute stretch to call this reckless when there's zero attempt at making a good tackle. We can't have our cake and eat it too when players shout 'got the ball' but that's when we often give fouls or...
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    Leicester v West Ham

    I had a weird advantage today which led to a goal. Goalkeeper clears but gets clattered, applied wait and see when a midfielder gets one hell of a first touch and spins his marker. Two passes later, it's a goal. It's all relative to level as stated before but that felt good even if it was...
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    Man U v Spurs

    Okay this is where I step in as a player. In post 16, it was stated that an attacker would expect this challenge. If I were to expect this challenge coming in from experience, I'd consider stopping football. I don't think it's anything to do with football. I've been hacked down a couple of times...
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    Man U v Spurs

    Going SFP there, Shaw knows what he's doing and we've seen similar tackles been punished with reds. All in all, I don't think Taylor will be entirely satisfied with today, I felt both Lamela and Martial should have been off. Am not sure both critical match incidents were wrong, just leaning the...
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    Fitness = Credibility?

    No, I'm quite sure that fitness does inspire respect and it often helps that the fitter you are the closer you are to a decision.
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    Liverpool vs Arsenal (Craig Pawson)

    AR's been left hanging three times now, with Pawson giving correct but difficult advantages all three times. Don't think the AR is flagging too quickly and they're having a good game as a team
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    Burnley penalty v Wolves

    I can reluctantly agree it's a penalty but not because of this reasoning. His motion having started does not negate the obvious dangerous play by the opponent. I'm still leaning towards an IFK however I can accept that if people say it's not dangerous play, it's a penalty. Yet that has very...
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    Your moment of the season

    My best moment is that I'm missing refereeing games. Since I'm still an active player, it's odd to me that I miss reffing more than playing.