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    Guess who was responsible for the chaos at Everton...?

    Yes, it was the referee obviously!
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    Advantage and offside

    I was watching a match today where a player about to pass to a team mate was tripped but regained his balance, the referee signalled advantage and the player played the pass. In the time that the player was regaining his balance, the player for whom the pass was intended had run marginally...
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    Are Team Sheets Mandatory under the LOTG?

    There have been several threads concerning team sheets - some leagues require them, some don't. I was browsing through the LOTG this afternoon (as you do) and came across this which I had never really thought about before: Anyone not named on the team list as a player, substitute or team...
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    You are the Ref moment

    I had an incident today that might have appeared in You are the Ref. Corner taken, hits goal post, bounces back to original corner taker who crosses it again. I blow for IDFK. Cue complete bafflement all round. I have never had this it a rare event or has it happened to others?
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    Hackett Watch - You Are the Ref 315

    I know I'm getting obsessed but once again You Are The Ref in The Observer contains nonsense. This week's madness: Scenario: Two overseas players are shouting at each other aggressively in a mixture of English and their own language. One say's to the other "well you're a ******** too." It is a...
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    Hackett's at it again - You Are The Ref 312

    Today's blunder Scenario: Penalty shootout involving a team down to eight players - two team mates start fighting. What to do? Hackett: Send both off and abandon. LOTG:The referee must not abandon the match if a team is reduced to fewer than seven players during the taking of kicks from the...
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    You Are The Ref 311

    Over the years the scenarios in the You are the Ref cartoon have become more bizarre and Keith Hackett's judgements more shaky. This Sunday's piece in The Observer newspaper is, however, something that might well happen but, in my view, the response is bonkers. The scenario: Defending team...