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  1. Tealeaf

    Leeds - Fulham

    Bamford penalty for Leeds. Anybody else thinking DOGSO for the foul? Free header and gets shoved in the back ensuring he misses the ball. Not a genuine attempt for the ball.
  2. Tealeaf

    They all think they’re superstars at this level...

    ...and I suppose this is as good a reason as any!
  3. Tealeaf

    Norwich-Man Utd

    He’s taken quite a bit of stick recently (much of it justified) but Jon Moss was spot on with the DOGSO for Klose. Right place, looking straight at it and minimal hesitation. Commentators initially seemed surprised but it was nailed on. Good to see.
  4. Tealeaf

    Blast from the past

    Credit to the Peterborough RA for this one. Back when I was younger and better looking.
  5. Tealeaf

    Toilet Roll Challenge

    Take a song title and replace one word with “Toilet Roll” Let’s get this started Bon Jovi: It’s My Toilet Roll Bon Jovi: You Give Toilet Roll A Bad Name (one for the 1980s school kids) Genesis: Invisible Toilet Roll Def Leppard: Have You Ever Needed Toilet Roll So Bad?
  6. Tealeaf

    Indecision can be costly

    Striker couldn’t decide whether between power and Panenka, so did both. Force 5 chip and slams the bar and clear. Poor chap got subbed a few minutes later. Interestingly that’s 5 of the 7 penalties I’ve given this season that have been missed. However my more serious point is this. This proves...
  7. Tealeaf

    On a hiding to nothing

    Posting this as part-self help, part-request for suggestions and part-reference material for others when you have a game like this. If you haven’t had something like this already in your career you will, believe me. On an absolute hiding to nothing today, and just couldn’t do anything about...
  8. Tealeaf

    Arsenal - Southampton

    Tierney foul on Ings for the penalty, should that have been red instead of yellow? Pulls Ings back preventing him from reaching the ball. Not an attempt to play the ball which the law change was intended for, so is this another example of a shift in the default mindset? Or was it in the...
  9. Tealeaf

    Leyton Orient v Malden FAC 1

    Malden striker picks up a second caution for simulation, but claims he’s gone down with cramp. He runs between two defenders then hits the deck theatrically. That’s not down to cramp, tried to con a penalty and got caught. No sympathy.
  10. Tealeaf

    MOTD Farce

    Purely for balance ;) Apparently; - Hudson-Odoi didn’t dive in the Chelsea Burnley game - Running your studs down someone’s Achilles and heel is ok if it’s accidental - Getting a red card for planting your studs halfway between an opponent’s knee and ankle is harsh - Martin Keven doesn’t know...
  11. Tealeaf

    Socks or tights?

    At least he got my best side (although the Sports Direct socks look a little thin material wise)
  12. Tealeaf

    Take 10 minutes... ok, make it 35

    Guessed it already? There will be a question but need the incident first. 60 seconds of madness in a Step 7 league game yesterday. 55 minute mark, innocuous throw in to the attacking side, whites. Blue defender decides to grab the ball to slow it down (losing 3-0 and hopeless) White asks for...
  13. Tealeaf

    Super Trophy Istanbul between a red team and a blue team

    Say the thread title quickly and you’ll see what I tried to do 😁 6 minutes in and Mane has an overhead kick blocked by Azpilicueta or Christensen (can’t tell whom) No obvious VAR review but looks a penalty to me, hands away from body, blocking the ball. Doubtless there’ll be other points to...
  14. Tealeaf

    RA Shop by Sporting Touch

    Anybody ordered embroidered kit from here before? And/or any idea on the delivery time? I ordered a new CFA badged shirt which they say has been dispatched but not arrived yet. No means of tracking either or anything obvious on timescales. Not being impatient- it gets here when it gets here -...
  15. Tealeaf

    USA v Netherlands

    A Sunday league player would say “I got the ball!” VAR review picks this one up nicely. Nailed on penalty.
  16. Tealeaf

    19 years, 6 months and a few days...

    That’s the time elapsed since I qualified as a referee. That’s the time elapsed before I got to referee a proper cup final for the first time. Promoted from Fourth Official to Match Referee less than ten minutes before KO wasn’t ideal but we don’t get to pick when our chances come, but we...
  17. Tealeaf


    Certain to be other talking points but can’t understand why Ki had to go off after treatment. Fouled by Tielemens who was rightly cautioned which should mean, unless I’ve missed the memo, he can stay on?
  18. Tealeaf

    Spam posts today

    Thanks to all who reported - user has been banned and posts/threads being deleted. Please don’t report them now - We’re onto it
  19. Tealeaf

    Swansea v Brentford FA Cup

    DOGSO red for Brentford in second half. Nagging at me as a wrong call though. Challenge comes in, clear foul but advantage is played. Striker hits the ball a bit too far and goalkeeper rushes out and clears. Whistle goes, referee pulls out red. Looking at it, it’s not a SFP foul, especially...
  20. Tealeaf

    Changing County FA Mid-Season

    Been a long time since I last had to do this, but how does the process of changing county FA work mid-season now? I'll be leaving Northants and moving into Buckinghamshire in the next month or so, (and not just over the border by a few steps) bringing me into the Berks and Bucks jurisdicton.