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  1. Kes

    Players making abusive comments towards opponents

    Offensive? Certainly. Insulting? Possibly. Abusive? I'd say so. So how could you ever justify a yellow for that? The answer I gave to the OP was based on the LOTG. :cool:
  2. Kes

    what to do on bookings

    Truly shocking. :wide: And we wonder why so many referees (both young and old) simply say "Sod this!!". :meh:
  3. Kes

    Players making abusive comments towards opponents

    None. It's either OFFINABUS or it's dissent towards you.
  4. Kes

    Red Cards, fair?

    @Harey You've asked for others opinions on here and been given them which is good info/ammo for future games. Don't confuse dissent with OFFINABUS mate. They can often be part and parcel of the same thing but they're mutually exclusive in their own right. Dissent is a public disagreement (by...
  5. Kes

    Yellow Card Confusion

    Not your concern. Simply log the number you cautioned with the name it corresponds to on the team sheet.
  6. Kes

    England v Denmark

    The world doesn't run on "feelings: mate. Williams was no different to any other petulant gobby bell-end we all encounter every weekend at at far lower level. The penalty was nailed on. England were ****e. Lucky against Belgium, their luck ran out against a well-disciplined Denmark team that was...
  7. Kes

    England v Denmark

    As an Englishman, I was disappointed with the decision. What made it worse and made it look soft was the fact that the ball had already bounced away and the Dane was in the process of falling to the floor when Walker's attempted clearance connected with him. Unfortunately, as per the LOTG, it...
  8. Kes

    Senior AR

    It doesn't really matter what you try and placate them with - ultimately you're just as bad as the referee by default. The more you try and explain stuff or even defend the referee's decisions (right or wrong) the more they'll gob off and distract you. I'll often engage in a bit of witty...
  9. Kes

    England v Denmark

    Zip it Scotland. Some of us are old enough to still remember "Ally's Army" ... :rolleyes: ;) :D:p
  10. Kes

    England v Denmark

    England weren't helped tonight by a strange refereeing performance frustrating them but for as long as Southgate holds the reins, we'll struggle. Practically every time that England have come up against better-than-mediocre opposition during his tenure - they've lost. Proof is in the pudding...
  11. Kes

    England v Denmark

    Maguire can have no complaints. England are better without him anyway. I had a feeling after all the celebratory smugness that followed the win over a below par Belgium, that we'd get brought back down to earth by the Danes. So far that's proved to be the case ...
  12. Kes

    Making decisions as an AR

    Can be a difficult situation for any referee. For me, if I've ever got proper NARs, my advice is always to "look at and go with me" (when it comes to penalties) unless you feel I've missed something due to positioning or being blind-sided. In which case, I'd be hoping my lino would flag and...
  13. Kes

    True Story...

    A Dutch gentleman walks into a pet shop in Amsterdam and says to the owner that he'd like to buy a cat. "Of course Sir, says the owner, we have lots of cats. What particular breed were you after? We have pedigree cats and mixed breed". "Pedigree cats? enquired the gentleman. I wasn't aware we...
  14. Kes

    LOTG Question

    I believe it's when the ball: a. Enters the net resulting in a goal. b. Goes out of play. c. Stops moving. :)
  15. Kes

    racist comment?

    Admin/mod call I think you'll find Uncle Chas. 😉
  16. Kes

    Most annoying reaction to correct decisions

    For me, it's being an AR and the correct decisions I don't flag!! (If you catch my drift). Last weekend's FA Vase match a prime example: Play is over on my side, perhaps 20 yards up the touchline away from me to my left near half-way. A challenge comes in from home team player, the referee...
  17. Kes

    Junior/Youth Should I book manager

    You have to deal with it early on (as already advised). To be honest, I find it quite disconcerting that an adult (coach) can get wound up or even slightly partisan over a bunch of bloody 10 year olds kicking a ball about. :rolleyes: I'm guessing the clue to how old you are is in your...
  18. Kes

    Mini Soccer Referee Course

    Hardly worth it. I'm guessing the course is aimed at youngsters (under age 18). ;) If you aspire to be an open age (adult players) referee then just wait until you can get a proper course. Only my own opinion though mate. :)
  19. Kes

    Fairness/match control Vs the law

    Always Home Team for me. :)
  20. Kes


    If the balls in play I always just say "Hang on". Then tell em when you're able. Make it loud and then everyone hears it.