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  1. Sheffields Finest

    Brig v Man Utd

    How is MUFC second goal given, he was almost in the stand!!!
  2. Sheffields Finest

    NUFC v Blades

    Looking forward to this one, they were excellent at Bramall Lane..... Hopefully we will have some offside luck this time!!!
  3. Sheffields Finest

    Bou v Cry P

    Gary Cahill challenge.... Glad common sense prevailed but I've seen them walk for that!!!
  4. Sheffields Finest

    Bri V Ars

    Naughty tackle??
  5. Sheffields Finest

    Villa v Blades

    Welcome back to the Prem, 100 days of wait, finally we've got something to discuss and argue over. Good luck to Michael Oliver, he's generally our best ref in the country,,,,,,, Apparently this is our shirt for the game..... ..
  6. Sheffields Finest

    Political Logos

    Seems that they are allowing BLM logos and taking a knee in the EPL return. Not condoning the events in the USA but shouldn’t football stand back from all this and continue to enforce the no political / cause rule. Ive BAME family and they are disgusted in recent events Involving BLM and others...
  7. Sheffields Finest

    Interesting Rugby Law Trial The player is removed with the offence checked by the Television Match Official. If deemed a red card offence, the player doesn't return. If not, they return after 15 minutes. Maybe that would improve VAR...... It gives ample time for the VAR...
  8. Sheffields Finest

    Alli Finally Banned Better late than never.... silly boy!!!
  9. Sheffields Finest

    Unfortunate Pic

    Out of context it’s a pretty unfortunate angle as he’s showing him what he’s caught him doing to an opponent but how many times have you been doing this on the inside as you brandish a cherry! 😂
  10. Sheffields Finest

    Italian Referee expelled!

    Probably needed its own thread away from promotions...
  11. Sheffields Finest

    I went for the ball ref! Any sanction here??? 🤔
  12. Sheffields Finest

    FA Cup is back

    Quarter Finals June 27/28th confirmed...... Semi finals on July 11/12th and the Final on August 1st!!! UTB 😎⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽
  13. Sheffields Finest

    Honest Appraisals Nice waste of 10 minutes to hear the thoughts of Mark Clattenburg on the best players he refereed!!
  14. Sheffields Finest

    England Question

    Which team have had the most England internationals in one game and how many?? They did it 8 times too that season!!
  15. Sheffields Finest

    Family Addition

    A very prolonged night but welcome to the world grandkid no.5 Harper Elizabeth born about 3am this morning by emergency c-section weighing 3lb 12oz. My eldest daughter (midwife) aided in the delivery and both mother and baby are doing very well. I dropped my son off at around 1.00am as birthing...
  16. Sheffields Finest


    Which would be the biggest car crash (hypothetically), an experienced L7 plucked from the crowd to finish off let’s say an easier EFL game..... or an SG ref plucked from the sidelines to finish off a neanderthal alcohol fuelled inter council estate battle.... ?? Forget all the AR stuff.... just...
  17. Sheffields Finest

    Dier charged..... eventually!! Bang to rights I'd say!!!
  18. Sheffields Finest

    Research into Oldest Professional Club So its no longer Stoke City or Forest then!!
  19. Sheffields Finest


    Which side won the title in the top league in English football and were relegated the following season.... No Google!!