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  1. zonknz

    appointed to a last match of league where one participant may be relegated.

    Last kickoff of the day, so they may be relegated prior to kickoff, or in the hunt to stay up. Would you find out the results of the other match prior to kickoff, or avoid knowing?
  2. zonknz

    Aussie A-League ref transfers to England

    Fifa badged, moves straight into Select Group 2.
  3. zonknz

    Issues with refsworld Australia?

    Hi, anyone having issues with these guys? Trying to reset my password, so I can order. Reset password email doesn't arrive. No response to support emails.
  4. zonknz

    A-League VAR

    Saw this in real time. Didn't look like much, but then the VAR referred it to the referee. Interested in people's thoughts. Perhaps it's impossible to say without a real-time replay to measure intensity.
  5. zonknz

    Smartwatch w GPS - Ticwatch S

    I recently got myself a Google wear tickwatch s - around 250NZD / 130 GBP off Amazon. Figured it was worth writing a for refs in the market for a gps device that works with a ref app. This is a sporty looking smartwatch, with built-in GPS...
  6. zonknz

    Ref forgets coin in WSL, gets players to play rock paper scissors.

    Gets a stand-down for his decision.
  7. zonknz

    Bizarre one today - what do you think?

    So not quite sure what to think about this. Ref'd game today where the goals look like these: i.e a combined rugby/football goal post. So a shot from Red, and it hit the quite high up 'rugby' uprights part of the goal post (not a great shot! ha!) , and rebounded to the feet by the green...