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  1. santa sangria

    The best of us (up here) This is in Finnish and the video only has Finnish subtitles. Soz! Mohis, featured here, has just been voted the Finnish premier league's best referee - by the players...
  2. santa sangria

    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    "If a goalkeeper is just in front of his/her own goal to guard it, it is considered that no DOGSO offence can be committed, even if the situation meets the other criteria for DOGSO. If a goalkeeper commits an offence which denies the opposing team an obvious goalscoring opportunity or denies...
  3. santa sangria

    Ifab comedy in the Grainuda Get below the line and sign up some of these armchair refs eager to learn !
  4. santa sangria

    Jacob in the Guardian Seen him, can he go all the way?
  5. santa sangria

    Offside IDFK from the right place?

    Who tries to get players to take offside IDFKs from the correct position? Who has given up? What tips/tricks do you have? What can/should ARs do?
  6. santa sangria

    Pot pourri of mildly interesting match incidents

    I have done so many matches recently that's there's been no time to come and waffle on here. So, here's a bit of a pot pourri of incidents from the last few weeks. A couple of question marks in here. At least I learned something from this lot... U17 top national youth league that only allows 3...
  7. santa sangria

    Gala in the Turkish league

    Via Facebook, may require log in, other socmed platforms are available: VAR for about 5 mins and then more action from 7:30. Pick the bones out of that! My take is the referee was unsighted for the challenge and actually handled everything perfectly. Though it could have been quicker from...
  8. santa sangria

    Bottom of the table football - oh my days

    Two really poor teams, two good assistants, fantastic match. The football was so bad but it was such a great game. Finished 4-4, 7 YCs and a red for the home GK for jumping to palm away a lob - about 3 yards outside the area. One goal brilliantly disallowed by experienced AR2. Four players look...
  9. santa sangria

    Jeckyll and Hyde game

    Had the weirdest match last night. It was in our 6th tier where you have to expect the unexpected - from players, coaches and unfortunately our own NARs. Overall what was so weird was that my match control and dealing with difficult scenarios was really good... but I made a couple of little...
  10. santa sangria

    Red card a coach for...?

    Some context: U15 tournament playoff, tense 0-0, home coach protesting has already got himself a yellow card with 15 to go. With 10 to go I chose to ignore a “are you f-ing blind” from the home bench - which would have been a great second yellow if no one had confessed, because I’m pretty sure...
  11. santa sangria

    City Vs The Champions then

    PK - so, what does VAR do here... why does not VAR act on Sterling pulling Gomez' shirt that the ref cannot see? It explains why Gomez was touch tight - he couldn't get away! Surely it's a defensive DFK? Am I missing something?
  12. santa sangria

    Jurgen vs Roy

    So, two Cahill incidents. 28th min: holding VVD as he gets a header on goal from a corner. The holding stopped him burying it. No VAR. Obvious PK. Arguable RC. 36th min: Cahill arm above the shoulder, no natural, handball. VAR. Gives nothing. Obvious PK (arguable YC SPA but no card needed)...
  13. santa sangria

    Hammers - Portugal

    80th min body check why no SPA YC for Ngakia there? (Smashing goal just after)
  14. santa sangria

    Luiz red

    Anyone else feel it was harsh? Was it even enough for a foul? For me it was not Luiz’ action that made Mahrez fall either, it was Mahrez throwing himself back (admittedly skillfully) I was thinking the ref could have gone YC based on covering defender, or waved it away...?
  15. santa sangria

    Friendlies are starting - what guidance have you got?

    In different countries football is starting at different levels, I have friendlies starting tomorrow. Here's an extract translated from the Finnish guidance - just the on-field part. The rest of the guidance is pretty logical about travel, pre and post match etc. -- 6. ACTIVITIES ON THE FIELD...
  16. santa sangria

    Heads up I guess...

    The last month I’ve noticed what seems to be a lot more ref chat on Facebook. There are a couple of new groups with a lot of members and good chat. It could just be cyclical but I think it might also be that the group features have matured and the hosts are being much more active in moderating...
  17. santa sangria

    New forum at Refworld! I ended up there for work. It's rubbish though. Can you believe it, no one there has done a 10km line!?! WTF!
  18. santa sangria

    Ever had to bin a fellow official - what would you do?

    I had a horrible match yesterday. My assistant argued with players a lot. Twice I had to whistle very loud to shut everyone up - to shut him up. The second time I blasted, screamed, but then he just carried on shouting at a player, and of course, loads of players started shouting again too. A...
  19. santa sangria

    Leicester City

    DeBruyne just committed a handball offence in the box. Should have been a penalty. VAR did nothing. Free kick, KDB lifts both hands above shoulder height, ball hits his arm. Surely this is a penalty by 2019 laws? (Having just watched the Chelsea game, Burnley Bou highlights, and this... this...
  20. santa sangria

    Chelsea Spurs Lo Celso

    So, you will see this soon enough, but after 25 replays clearly showing SFP missed by Oliver, blatant red card stamp, VAR tells MO... Nothing... Totally insane.