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  1. Tealeaf

    EVE Vs SOU

    I’m comfortable with this sliding-scale approach to SFP. It allows some latitude so the most serious are punished in a way that reflects the severity - the worst,the really really nasty ones get 3 or more games, while those that arguably are more than a caution (orange to coin a phrase) get a...
  2. Tealeaf

    Utd v Chelsea

    I’ll clarify my point. In real time; the live footage I saw was from behind Maguire, making it look as though he’d got higher and headed the ball away. It was 180 degrees to the image that clearly shows the holding. There’s no way to tell that from the original TV angle, hence it looked a...
  3. Tealeaf

    Utd v Chelsea

    The still doesn’t look good, but in real time it looked a regular header clear and nothing more. I’d suggest this was deemed “subjective” rather than “obvious error”
  4. Tealeaf

    LIV vs SHU

    Been confirmed that was NOT the case. Fabinho catches the attackers foot so it’s going to be given as a foul. Not the first one this season and won’t be the last
  5. Tealeaf

    Players making abusive comments towards opponents

    “Do that again and I’ll knock you out”. Immediate caution and defuse the situation, verbal AA and avoids a violent conduct red card. There are countless others but this immediately springs to mind.
  6. Tealeaf


    I’m very much a Dolfin fan. The Fox 40 is ubiquitous and as I do quite a few games at multiple pitch venues having a different sound is a godsend
  7. Tealeaf

    United v United

    Series of points that may answer to you. Difficult to be exact but possibilities nonetheless. 1 . Was it only reviewed in slo-mo, or was that all the broadcaster picked up? 2. Maybe he asked for slo mo to check having seen already missed it in real time? 3. Choice made at the hub as “best...
  8. Tealeaf

    How many competitive games have you guys reffed?

    Somewhere in excess of 1500. 18 full seasons at an average of 80 games = 1440. 3 truncated seasons on top of that too. There were periods where I was unemployed and not eligible for JSA either so did as many games as possible to make ends meet. Highest season saw 112 games plus tournaments.
  9. Tealeaf

    England v Denmark

    Also very quiet on the Henderson penalty against Belgium. Some go for you, some go against. A bit unusual to “balance out” in successive games admittedly but serves to illustrate it.
  10. Tealeaf

    England v Denmark

    My original thought was “does he think it’s a push?” and was somewhat sympathetic. We’ve all had moments where we’re convinced something untoward has gone on. On a reverse angle I see the kick such as it is. There’s also a delay in giving it - a moment of doubt perhaps, a “did he kick him?” and...
  11. Tealeaf

    Insane Incidents

    Kicks from the penalty mark in a cup game two seasons ago. 7 penalties each, final score 3-2. Neither goalkeeper saved a penalty
  12. Tealeaf

    Most annoying reaction to correct decisions

    With an opponent nearby blue player gets tripped by a particularly vicious blade of grass (approx 36,175 in from the touch line), call “no foul” and wave play on. White defence clears ball down far end where white forward gets wiped out in the penalty area losing a boot in the process. Award...
  13. Tealeaf

    Abused... By a fellow ref

    If you’re wearing kit and shin guards in my game you’re a player, nothing more at that particular time. And you’ll be treated the same as everyone else. I was/am no angel when playing. I’ll push my luck, but know where the line is and don’t cross it. Only once have I ever come close (having...
  14. Tealeaf

    Man U v Spurs

    In real time I couldn’t sell SFP to myself on that challenge. No question it was a deliberate don’t-give-a-damn foul but that seemed all. On the reverse angle replay I’m more sympathetic to the argument but still not sure I’d call it as SFP. There’s an element of doubt in my mind. I have to be...
  15. Tealeaf

    Looking for an AR this Sunday - Deanshanger

    I was going to suggest posting on the MK referees page but I see it’s already been done. (I’m unavailable this weekend) If you can help Sam out please use the Private Message function.
  16. Tealeaf

    TOT V NEW (not another one)

    Until you said “against an English side” I was thinking the penalty given to Man Utd vs PSG deep in stoppage time season before last.
  17. Tealeaf

    Brighton v Manchester United - Handball after final whistle

    The attacker pulls Pogba’s shirt, and that in turn could be the cause for the knee-to-thigh contact. At running speed that’s potentially enough to unsettle his balance causing the collision. Anyway I’m clearly in the minority camp on Saturdays big calls but I’m not fussed about it.
  18. Tealeaf

    Palace v Everton handball

    It’s entirely relevant. Defender has blocked the ball with his hand stopping a potentially promising attack. He hasn’t blocked it fairly (ie with his body). Happy to sit in the minority camp.
  19. Tealeaf

    Palace v Everton handball

    If it’s not handled that ball goes straight to the attacker. I’ve no issue with call.
  20. Tealeaf

    True Story...

    Oh no it won’t!