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  1. Russell Jones

    IDFK Where?

    Errrr, where the offense occurs? :)
  2. Russell Jones

    Molten Valkeen

    Whatever rocks your world .... :) 😂
  3. Russell Jones

    Merseyside derby

    Never seen that challenge before and it genuinely made my stomach turn to see it :eek:
  4. Russell Jones

    WSL - Chelsea v Man City

    No Observers in WSL games. They are managed through the same Evaluation process as in the EPL (and Championship I think) ... so every single decision made by all the officials in the 90 mins will be assessed and marked right or wrong. Outcome likely to be similar on this KMI though!
  5. Russell Jones

    Senior AR

    Sadly, punctuation is in a terrible state in the modern game 😂 More seriously, don't try and defend the indefensible, the whole team just loses credibility. Try and build rapport pre game and be clear about your expectations. And remind them that (hopefully) the match referee is much closer...
  6. Russell Jones

    racist comment?

    Ladies and Gentleman, I think we have our winner in the 2020 'Best Post' category 😂 :D
  7. Russell Jones


    Just put your fingers to your ear (VAR style), listen intently and then say, he's still making up his mind ... by the time the manager has worked out what's (not) going on you'll have probably moved away :) Very similar to my personal favourite on goal line decisions in Sunday League matches...
  8. Russell Jones

    Difficult match

    I'm going to risk further pedantry, though hopefully in a good cause! I prefer the approach that says that dissent is dissent and therefore a mandatory caution. However, not all disagreement / frustration with decisions is dissent. By definition, dissent is: Dissent is strong disagreement...
  9. Russell Jones

    Man U v Spurs

    This is a great clip and I love how the referee calmly takes his time, observing any further misconduct, before administering the Red. (For what it's worth I hope there was also a yellow for the Green 9 for his reaction and possibly also for the Green GK for running 70 yards to get involved!)...
  10. Russell Jones

    Waited 5 Months For This

    Congrats and enjoy ... you've earned it!!
  11. Russell Jones

    Today might be the final game

    Good job your oh so lovely County Promotion Co-Ordinator has ensured you've already been observed twice this season then eh Mr Cat .... :rolleyes: 😂
  12. Russell Jones

    A lighter thread - Your favourite decisions?

    Giving a dissent caution to a Substitute warming up at the side of the pitch put a big smile on my face .... if not on his because apparently "I can't do that" 😂
  13. Russell Jones

    Man U v Spurs

    I disagree. If the ball is there, the attacker is expecting and physically ready for the challenge. The more (but not completely) unexpected nature of this 'tackle' does IMO increase the risk to the attacker.
  14. Russell Jones

    Man U v Spurs

    It's such an interesting one. Because it's clearly not a challenge for the ball but equally it's not the type of 'off the ball' incident that one typically thinks of with regard to VC. For me, it comes down to whether the force used in the "challenge" was the minimum required to stop the...
  15. Russell Jones

    Advantage law- SPA

    Well done! If that does turn out to be your last assessment, then yes it is now a waiting game. With regard to the overall promotion scheme, whilst counties differ in their approach (on this and many other things!), typically you will probably need to attend a promotion workshop, including a...
  16. Russell Jones

    New v Bri

    It's a bit like the various revisions to the handball law. Now, if you put your hands in places where they "shouldn't" be, then you run the risk of the ball hitting them and you getting penalised. Likewise, if you put your boot at a highly unusual height then you run the risk of it hitting...
  17. Russell Jones

    Sea vs pool

    Think that's very harsh on the guidelines. They specifically say 'control OR likelihood of gaining control' so I think all bases are covered :)
  18. Russell Jones

    Sea vs pool

    I could easily argue it either way whether or not Mane would get there first. So for me, the cynicism involved in the foul would likely sway the decision towards Red .... Agree about the OFR process though
  19. Russell Jones

    Carrying extra timber into a big game!

    At this late stage I'd simply ensure you are well rested and well warmed up before the game and stay suitably hydrated throughout , especially given the weather! Congrats on the appointment, should be a good game ;) :)
  20. Russell Jones

    Socially distanced checking of equipment

    If the Assistant is being Observed (which generally happens at Step 4/5 or above) then substitutions are one of those few occasions when all eyes, including the Observers', are likely to be on the actions of that AR. So making the full equipment check super thorough is an easy way to look...