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  1. santa sangria

    ARS vs LEI

    We obvs have to agree to disagree on this one. More feedback from the decision-makers would help us all.
  2. santa sangria

    Mass Confrontation Approach

    First priority: your own safety 2nd: Remember numbers If you can’t see a number, try to remember the hair or boots. In a proper mass con, realistically, on your own, the two main actors might (will probably!) be all you’ll get. As a bonus, and something assessors like, is if you spot the...
  3. santa sangria

    ARS vs LEI

    He’s still where the GK is thinking about diving. Still easy offside for me.
  4. santa sangria

    New to the whistle

    Agree with the above - and you might have a quiet game - until something happens. U13-14 girls is the kind of game where there might be one big decision - like a DOGSO or penalty call. Then it’s important you know your cards - is it red or DOGSO-PK-downgrade yellow... and sell it. Whatever...
  5. santa sangria

    I need the motivation...

    Go for it and as said, running the line is the secret fast forward ;)
  6. santa sangria

    A (boring) bit of balance

    I did womens premier league futsal on Saturday and it was great. One yellow, good atmos, great hosts, enough action to keep me on my toes.
  7. santa sangria

    EVE Vs SOU Totally bizarre decision IMHO
  8. santa sangria

    How best to handle a niggly match?

    If both teams have stopped playing fair and it feels like it could go crazy - couple of these with relegated teams at the end of this season - then I slow it right down. The next card: slow, the next talking to: slow, the next ceremonial free kick: you guessed it, it’s gonna be slow. If...
  9. santa sangria

    ARS vs LEI

    I think this is so easy to call offside.
  10. santa sangria

    ARS vs LEI

    Also here: Granite "footballer impersonator" Xhaka is in an offside position and clearly impacts the GK's ability to play the ball - and makes an obvious action etc etc...
  11. santa sangria

    Open Age Added on time

    Absolutely. Minimal interference maximum benefit and all that. But this is one of those times to act. Exactly. Point at the watch. YC the coach. Play the right amount of time. Do not be intimidated. And totally agree - always tell how much time is left when asked but never be too precise -...
  12. santa sangria

    Eventful end to the match!

    “...must leave the vicinity of the field of play and the technical area”.., Competition rules might have specifics... But, especially after a red card for dissent, OFFINABUS or VC you want the player where they cannot interact anymore. Common sense at grassroots means you might restart while...
  13. santa sangria

    LIV vs SHU

    I watched the 2H and just saw the highlights. Very surprised it was given. But MD seemed totally sure and then had it confirmed. Pethsps MD felt the contact looked worse. I trust him. I think it could have gone either way. File under soft. (Thought SU were great. And just saw the TAA long...
  14. santa sangria

    The best of us (up here) This is in Finnish and the video only has Finnish subtitles. Soz! Mohis, featured here, has just been voted the Finnish premier league's best referee - by the players...
  15. santa sangria

    Molten Valkeen

    I use a second ring. Feels better for me.
  16. santa sangria

    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    Well, luckily my first game is AR2 on the clock for men's third tier on Saturday. But later in the afternoon I will do womens top flight futsal - and it will be the first match of the season for one team and for me and the other ref. And there will be cameras. Much potential for hilarity...
  17. santa sangria

    WSL again

    Where we are AR2 records goals and cards. Error in law for ref. For the others, esp. 4O, marked down on communications skills presumably. Shame. But happens. Also possible that an AR did raise it in comms but ignored by the ref in the fog of war...
  18. santa sangria

    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 8 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    Yeah, Q3 answer is wrong. It should read goal kick or throw in @Dutch Referee Blog
  19. santa sangria

    Molten Valkeen

    I love it, but you are right. The plastic is not as sturdy as it could be (one snapped in the freezing cold), and the finger grips are vital - someone should really sell them separately ;) So, yeah, overpriced. But still, you can step down to a Dolphin for 6-7€ or any other whistle, but there...
  20. santa sangria

    New futsal DOGSO confusion

    I will have a first game next week. It will be interesting with the count, because we used to start on zero and the whistle was blown on 4. Now we start on one and blow on 5. We are also instructed to verbalise every count. So it's now going to be the first time players hear "4". I think it's...