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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 14 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

    I think it's fair to assume that the ball was played into the area by a Dortmund player while Halaand is offside so the question of whether the defender 'sliding in' made contact with the ball is important. Unless I've totally misunderstood.
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    Too Windy

    On my course, a long time ago, I was told that if you stand on a corner flag and can't see the opposing corner flag the game doesn't go ahead.
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    Mouthy Parents

    I suspect it was his second match that day. When I did youth football I don't recall the parents being problem, but I do remember some very unpleasant coaches.
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    Hypothetically Speaking...

    For people rolling their eyes at the ridiculousness of the question, consider that the laws specify a sanction in the following circumstances: A goalkeeper takes a corner. He touches the ball again, with his hands, in his own penalty area, before anyone else does.
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    ARS vs LEI

    I think on balance they got this wrong but there's enough doubt to go with the on-field decision. The eye-line thing is clearly not correct.
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    I’m too lenient and it backfired today

    How long have you been a referee Mada?
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    Molten Valkeen

    I absolutely love the Valkeen. When I lost mine I bought two more so I wouldn't have to do without it if I lost another one. I have now ordered one of the knock-off versions listed above since they're so cheap, I'll let you know how that goes.
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    what to do on bookings

    I have often thought that the system whereby the 'top' teams get referees and the 'bottom' teams do not could be improved by appointingr referees first to the matches with the highest 'sportsmanship' rating. The rating would be the higher rating of the two teams, as compiled from previous...
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    what to do on bookings

    You'd think, wouldn't you? There are a lot of games in my league that don't get an officially appointed referee. They definitely don't all contact the ref 'department' at the CFA, which consists of one person who does another job as well. He'd do nothing but deal with disciplinary issues all...
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    Today might be the final game

    I stopped doing youth games because of the coaches. At the end of my first year I thought I'd try a couple of adult (OA) games just to see what it was like. I'd assumed that it was more challenging that the kids games. In some senses it is more challenging but in terms of the way I was treated...
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    A selection of comments

    This is almost my least favourite type of game - where no comment really merits a sinbin on its own but the cumulative effect is extremely annoying. It's one of the reasons I stopped doing youth football - I found this happened much more often there than with adults. It would bother me a lot...
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    TOT V NEW (not another one)

    When is says "if the hand/arm is above/beyond their shoulder level" is it explicit somewhere that the part of the arm in question is the point where contact is made with the ball? Or are we assuming that? It's not an unreasonable assumption, I'd just like to know if that is clarified somewhere?
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    Open Age This will be your last game ref

    Well that sounds like a very sensible system. But it sort of makes my point for me - there are some laws which are less important than others in grassroots football. Even at the top level referees often do not insist, for example, that a player being substituted leaves the pitch at the nearest...
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    Open Age This will be your last game ref

    I never said or suggested or implied that I let a substitute on "when they feel like it". Why do you keep making this up?
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    Open Age This will be your last game ref

    No they don't. Give me one example of a grassroots league that is allowed by their CFA to override the LOTG on any those issues. Now you're putting words in my mouth which is a very dangerous tactic, given your audience. "Letting subs come on when they feel like it" is much too obvious. We are...
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    Open Age This will be your last game ref

    The same applies to sock tape. If it's holding his shin pads in place and he doesn't have the right colour tape he can play.
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    Open Age This will be your last game ref

    We both know there are plenty of examples where the ball is still in play and the penalty isn't given. It's been discussed here many times.
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    Open Age This will be your last game ref

    Haha fair play!
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    Open Age This will be your last game ref

    When you tell both teams the match is off because you won't referee without corner flags I don't think last week's ref is going to get a mention.
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    Open Age This will be your last game ref

    Yes, because that law matters. Even at the highest level the culture dictates which rules are strictly applied. Until very recently no referee would insist on a penalty re-take as a result of encroachment unless the encroachment affects the result. I even read a referee guide written buy two...