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    Arsenal vs West Ham

    Michael Oliver played a good advantage following a foul on Saka. He then went back an issued a caution to the West Ham player. I thought we weren't supposed to do that any more? Did I misunderstand?
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    Champions League Final

    The referee is wearing his wedding ring. Did I miss a memo?
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    When a ref on promotion needs to notify the RDO she has a match

    I'm writing a web application to facilitate reporting match appointments to RDOs by referees, and appointment of observers to those matches by RDOs. Referees on promotion need to notify the RDO when they are appointed to referee a competitive match. (I think that's universal, correct me if I'm...
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    Open Age Do you abandon this match?

    Cup semi final, Orange vs Blue. Orange are 4-2 up with 2 minutes left. Blue player goes down screaming loud and long. He has no obvious injury but passes out. An ambulance is called. Advice is not to move him until the paramedics arrive. It's 15.55 when the injury occurs. The pitch is 4G with...
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    Very strange penalty

    What is the offence here? Enter the FOP without permission? Is that a DFK offence?
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    Arsenal vs Aston Villa

    Sokratis handball incident. I'm an Arsenal fan and I thought it was handball. It wasn't given. I know that law has changed but I can't see how any of the changes are relevant to this situation. VAR confirmed the decision. Any ideas...
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    Liverpool vs Arsenal

    What's the deal with these white tennis socks most of the Liverpool players are wearing? I thought the laws on tape had been extended to anything that covers any part of the sock?
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    Kids wearing glasses

    My son is 6 and is just about to start his first season playing for a U7 side. It's quite likely I will be refereeing some of his games. I don't normally do youth football and I've never done games below U13. In his first friendly last week one of the kids was wearing glasses. Normal glasses...
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    CFA quiz: spot the deliberate mistake

    LOTG quiz set by my CFA: Check out the last question. What's the answer?
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    First disciplinary hearing

    I've been summoned to a disciplinary hearing for a player I sent off a few weeks ago. I've never had this happen before, what does it mean? Has he appealed the decision to send him off? Do I need to bring anything? Dress smart? How long do these things take?
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    Which caution code? (Jewellery)

    So today I had to ask a player to remove an item of Jewellery. They returned to the field of play still wearing it. According Law 4 she should be cautioned (and she was) but which caution code is it? C1 (USB) or C3 (persistent infringement) could apply. If C1, which FA code?
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    Non-black ref shirts at grassroots

    I'm refereeing in a summer league, something I haven't done before and likely won't be doing again if the state of this league is anything to go by. This weekend I'm down to ref a team that plays in black. (I spotted them on a previous weekend and took a photo in case I was given one of their...
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    Sin Bin 17/18 trial - some results

    There was an FA webinar on sin bins this evening. They disclosed some information about the sin bin trial last season. 31 leagues took part in the trial. In those leagues there was a 38% reduction in yellow cards for dissent. 84% of referees want to continue in those leagues want to continue...
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    Sin Bins

    Anyone ref on a league that's tried them this season?
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    Offside law question

    Attacking player kicks the ball to a teammate who is clearly in an offside position. A defender attempts to intercept the pass, gets a foot to it, but fails to control it and the ball travels onward, albeit more slowly and in a slightly different direction, to the offside attacker. He scores...
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    Why isn't this a penalty?

    This is from the AFC vs MUFC match at the weekend. I haven't heard anyone suggest that this should have been a penalty so it's probably not but I can't work out why this isn't a foul:
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    Advice regarding odd league behaviour

    A few months ago I started reffing on a midweek evening league that plays on 3G under floodlights. You get neutral assistants and the pace of play is quick, I was really enjoying it. The league is run by a guy I will call Henry. After a few weeks he called me to say there were two important...
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    Some advice: I red carded the same player twice, how to report it

    So this isn't quite a Poll special. I dismissed a home team player for OFFINABUS. He went off to the changing rooms, got changed, and unbeknownst to me returned to watch the game from the sidelines. After the match I was clarifying a name with the home team manager and somebody wanders up and...
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    Keeper control of the ball

    This isn't a question about the LOTG as they stand now. My question is this: has it ever been the case that the LOTG or LOAF stated that a goalkeeper needed two hands on the ball to be considered in control of it? Twice in the last two weeks I've blown for an attacker kicking the ball which was...
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    Correct restart following OFFINABUS

    I think it was the first time I've shown a straight red for OFFINABUS, having blown the whistle to stop play while the ball was still live (in the keeper's hands). I restarted with an indirect free kick on the basis that OFFINABUS is not one of the DFK offences and IDFK is for 'any other...