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    Calling match off in advance

    So had junior u15 game this morning, pitch was really soft but all parties including me happy for game to go ahead. Pitch wouldn’t take a second game and certainly wouldn’t take open age game that was due on at 2. Had an open age game locally at 2, went to pitch was too soft to play on so called...
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    Identifying dissent

    This season has been my first season at open age, covering both Saturday fixtures and a Sunday league. Previously I have only officiated junior football (still do). I find it very easy to identify and deal with almost all dissent in junior football including U17/U18 matches. The difference at...
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    How to correct red card

    OA game at the weekend. Incident behind my back early on which resulted in both teams coming together including subs and coaches etc. Didn't see one punch thrown, it was mainly verbal's. I did however threaten to abandon the game as they weren't responding to my whistle or voice to break it up...
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    Do I have to put every match I do on WGS?

    HI everyone, fairly new referee (10 Games) officiating at junior football at resent.Have coached within junior football though for around 12 years so I would say I have been able to learn so much from the good referees my teams have had over the years and even more from the not so good ones...