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    Delaying the Restart

    One of my pet hates is players standing next to the ball at a free kick hearing team mates shout, stand on it. I do warn players to move and make it clear, if you don't I will book you. I have issued some for that. Most though is kicking the ball away at a throw in, corner, GK etc. Never had any...
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    Wet Games

    I just use a traditional police style notebook and pencil/pen. Never had an issue yet
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    How best to handle a niggly match?

    The good thing about warning captains is that everyone can see you doing it. Yes captains rarey pass the message on but the next incident when you take action is usually met with, well he did warn us.
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    How best to handle a niggly match?

    I'd hazard a guess that both teams said you had a good game too?
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    Most annoying reaction to correct decisions

    I have delayed a restart many times at OA to say to all players. okay we've established that you've all got a back, not please stop shouting in the back for every challenge It actually works
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    Mouthy Parents

    It's always worth familiarising yourself with the competition rules in respect of the managers responsibilities and in particular in regards to each line. Every youth league I've officiated in or coached in make it very clear that it is up to the manager to manage their respective line and there...
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    Double Header Appointment.

    I'm 50 and did 2 open age games yesterday one after the other and an U15 and U17 game back to back today. No issues no aches (in truth I was a grumpy old sod in the second games on both days and my tolerance level was really low to dissent. Also struggled to keep up with play and some of my...
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    Open Age First game back in 8 years!

    Glad I’m not the only one that points the wrong way for throws
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    New to the whistle

    U13’s girls to open age? Total contrast that and as you’re new Id suggest to stick to one or the other as the way you manage the different ages will be different. Good luck and make sure you enjoy it
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    How best to handle a niggly match?

    You'll probably find that the players in that match have already forgotten about it. It's tough ignoring the niggle and the petty things that go on we are human after all and I know I have let things get to me to the point that I've thought next one that does this or that is going to the sinbin...
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    Eventful end to the match!

    I’ve had a player booked for showing aggressive attitude, then as I walked away he was shouting comments at me that everyone could hear so I couldn’t ignore, hence sinbin. Then as he goes to sin bin, he claps me on the way, so another yc offence whilst temporarily dismissed so he couldn’t return...
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    Talking to managers about parents

    Knowing that there may be problems, I think it would be a good thing to talk to managers prior to kick off. A simple reminder that you're there to referee the children, not the adults and if any of the parents step out of line you will be looking to the coach to sort it. If they can't, parents...
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    Junior Premier League

    I refuse to cover these anymore. 4 X 20 mins is correct. My issue is, out of a league of 11 teams, 3 are not registered on the WGS. I only discovered this after my first first at the beginning of the season and I'd issued 4 YCs. Can't put the match on the WGS as the club concerned isn't...
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    How many competitive games have you guys reffed?

    Rather than hearing how many bookings you issued, how many pair of boots did you go through and how many whistles/jerseys/flags/marriages etc
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    I’m too lenient and it backfired today

    There is an incorrect belief particularly with new referees that a referee has had a good game when he has issued no cards. The same referees wrongly believe especially at open age that players will respect them more if they don't issue cards. I get his impression with your post, apologies if...
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    Most annoying reaction to correct decisions

    Foul throw In the back (a favourite of mine) After a sin long left ref, 9 long left for sin bin ref, 8 minutes etc etc until 4 mins left.....Ref, ref can he come back on now
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    Insane Incidents

    had open age game today, foul tackle near half way line, blew straight away as I was close to it. Home team player reacted to challenge, pushed the opposing player aggressively, I blew whistle again telling the player to calm down. Captain of aggressor is there in a flash and moves his player...
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    Looking for advice on dealing with irate coaches

    A lot of it is just passion, not personal so make your decision and forget it. If the coach confronts your at half time, it's an easy red. It can be good to take time out of the game to explain your decisions but you'd never get home if yo did that each time. What can be effective as others...
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    I’ve always done pre season friendlies but have found this year, there’s just something in the air other than COVID. U17 friendly today, 1 team had 6 yellows and 2 reds. I abandoned with couple minutes left just to keep the players safe and I had reached my limit.
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    Post Lockdown games

    Notice the guidance also says the officials to return home to wash kit and shower straight after the game. Does that mean we won’t be doing more than 1 game in a day? I regularly do 2