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    ‘How long ref?’

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    FA Decal

    Does anyone know of anywhere that sells the FA badge as a decal, rather than embroidered/stitched on? I bought one of the new colours from a site which doesn't offer FA badges. I have my CFA badge, but tend to referee between counties, so would rather have the FA badge. I prefer a decal as, imo...
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    Jon Moss’ Boots

    Seen online that a few ex referees are angry at Jon Moss for having ‘Mossy’ on his boots. Really don’t understand the outrage. People saying it’s him making himself a ‘celebrity’, even though a lot of places offer free boot personalisation (I used to when I played). Wouldn’t have even been...
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    Not too long now hopefully 🤞
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    Robertson & TAA's post match rants

    Just seen Robertson and Trent Alexander Arnold loudly swear at the officials after the game. Wonder if they'll get punished. Doesn't set the best example to youngesters or even adults for how players should be after the game. Thoughts on these?
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    Goalkeeper ‘dive’

    Thoughts on this? Surely this could come under as a reckless challenge, possibly excessive force if he makes a big connection?
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    20/21 LOTG Book

    Anywhere in the UK you can order the 20/21 LOTG book? I could've sworn I heard someone say that it'll only be available to download (or maybe my county isn't offering physical copies). I saw a referee website in America sell it, but I expect extortionate shipping fees. As an extremely...
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    Keep you entertained

    Found this channel on Youtube that's just packed full of key match match incidents from the MLS. Seems like they've stopped posting but it's still got hundreds of interesting clips that have been keeping my referee mind busy
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    Sum up refereeing in two tweets

    This little thread made me laugh. Sums up our job quite well I thought
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    Non-playing participant discipline codes

    Without creating a game on the WGS, is there somewhere I can view the specific FA Codes for cautions and send offs for non playing participants?
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    Hashtag United

    Thoughts on this? The penalty is a tough one, I’m not sure the player is in control of the ball or if there is contact. I have to say though, he looked very good and that handball and red card at the end is an unbelievably good decision under immense pressure EDIT - Handball at 25:50 (MOD)...
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    Criticised for... good refereeing

    Strange one this. Reading manager criticising Jarren Gilet for playing the advantage... Thoughts on this?
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    Bobby Madley is back

    Bobby Madley is returning to England. I'll let you read his blog post but to cut a long story short, he has to attend a discrimination workshop and will begin to officiate in League One and Two. This makes total sense and I'm surprised this wasn't the original punishment. It's good that he has...
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    Strangest stoppage?

    I’ve never had anything that strange but what’s the strangest thing you’ve had to stop for in your games?
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    Penalty mind games

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    New coin toss

    Love this!
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    I've been given my first County Cup fixture from my parent County - a Quarter Final which I'm really happy about. None of my kits have a County badge, as I'm with two County FAs, so just stick to the FA badge. I'm going to buy a badge, but don't want to keep it on my kit permanently as I do have...
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    Ear ringing

    I whistled once relatively loudly today (just to signal a free kick being taken) which really bloody hurt my left ear which then rung for a second or two. Any tips to prevent damaging my ears when whistling?? Always been cautious of whistling too loudly for the captains before kick off...
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    Player on the ball pulling shirt

    Thoughts on this? I had one similar in my game where the player with the ball was gripping onto the player’s shirt (who was trying to get the ball). I gave the free kick and signalled shirt pulling to the bemusement of the crowd. The player knew exactly what he did and the captain agreed with...
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    Bristol City vs Brentford

    Anyone else think a red card for Watkins would be fair for this? I understand it would be hard to sell a red and a yellow, so maybe a red each for gripping each others neck/throat. I think both players were booked and the Bristol City player ended up getting sent off in the 17th minute