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    Chelsea v Man Utd

    Attwell goes to the monitor to look at a potential pen for utd for handball. I called it in real time, looked nailed on. I've no clue why he hasn't given it, hudson odois arm is up and out, definitely an unnatural position. This is where we as fans would benefit massively from hearing the...
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    Are we not bothering with foul throws?

    3 passes later it's in the back of the net. Had that been a foul/offside/handball VAR gets involved. Why not for this?
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    Unintentional violent conduct...

    @GraemeS, @JamesL, @RustyRef Further to the discussion in the other thread...anyone seen soucek get sent off by Mike Dean? Looks to me like he's jostling for position at a free kick and the contact (elbow to head) is accidental. I know I know, intent means nowt, but a red there seems...
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    Orlando city...again

    Hope the link works... First off, great call by the ref, absolute nailed on red card. But you can't let that reaction go unpunished. Needs to be getting multiple cards out for dissent imo. 2nd time in 2 or 3 weeks they've had reactions like that with no punishment. Must be stopped.
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    Chelsea penalty...

    I'm genuinely angry that this is given and the player gets a yellow card. I feel both decisions are incorrect in law.
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    Anthony Taylor to referee the FA cup final!

    In a perfectly reasonable and understandable (in my opinion)break from tradition, Taylor will get his second final. The FA say that they feel it would be unfair to give a ref their only cup final behind closed doors so have given it to Taylor. I presume they see him as the best ref in the...
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    Real Madrid penalty

    A bit going on here... Penalty passed to benzema who scores. Benzema encroached massively. Defensive players also in the box before the kick is taken but don't come near challenging for the ball. Is retake the right restart in law? I've checked lotg and if both teams commit an offence then a...
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    PGMOL branded ipad case - free!

    I won ut at RA conference a few years back and it's been in the cupboard ever since! Free to a good home, just pay postage!
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    Blood Pressure Tests

    Just had an email through from the FA about next years football at Step 5 and 6. Still no word on when it'll start but they're saying they'll need blood pressure tests for the fitness test... What planet are they on over there? There isn't a GP in the country who would perform the test. I know...
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    VAR...dortmund v bayern

    I'm amazed by the lack of an appeal but for me this ticks every box for handball. I think this should have been handball under the previous laws as well. Thoughts? If you haven't, watch the winner...super goal
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    Specialist level 4 assistants

    I presume everyone at 4 has recieved a questionnaire asking, hypothetically, if they'd choose a specialist lining route if offered. With this and the other changes planned for the semi pro pyramid next year it's an exciting time to be level 4/3. I would say my decision would have to be based...
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    Another weekend...another VAR thread

    How is this not a clear and obvious error?
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    Footballers becoming refs I think it's a huge shame that retiring players and those let go from academies aren't becoming refs. I've only ever come across one (Rob Clare) but he's not reffing anymore. They have a huge advantage over anyone of us (that they've actually...
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    Referees Football Match (Yorkshire)

    Afternoon all, Thanks to a few drop outs there's a some slots available for a referees v referees football match taking place in Harrogate on Sunday. The standard is a mix of awful to Sunday league and is sure to be a good laugh, especially after the success of the managers v referees match...
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    VAR (again)

    I think a perfect example of it in action tonight. Swiss attack, potential foul in the area not given Potugal go up the other end and get a clear pen themselves. Ref speaks to VAR for some time (perhaps the only down point, this part took a while) Ref goes and checks on the monitor and...
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    VAR again

    City v schalke Doing my best to be impartial... 2 mins checking the city goal was redicilous, get the game going 1st pen...5 mins...Was it really clear and obvious? I don't think so 1nd pen...he's milked the contact but can't disagree it's a foul. He is offside though from the original...
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    Taking your assistants advice

    Using the winning goal in the Doncaster v Oldham FA cup game as reference... As ref you see and incident, give a decision. Assistant (much futhter away) flags you over, you go with him. Happy days if he's right and you're wrong. But vice versa...
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    Eng v Aus - womens friendly trying to think of something to say that isnt hammering the officials... three, what appear to be, really poor decisions all against England. Offside - always tough to call on quick breaks when your behind play 1st pen - potentially ref has her...
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    Bobby Madley - retired!?

    Seen some Twitter rumblings (from reputable sources...) that he's retired due to a change in personal circumstances. Anyone else seem or heard anything!? Was only last month I officiated a charity tournament with him and he was gearing up for Europa league qualifiers and high profile friendlies...
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    Auction! Select grouo signed ref shirt

    I'll be playing in a charity tournament in a few weeks where a refeeees shirt signed by members of the select group will be auctioned off. If anyone would like to place a bid let me know and I'll pass your details on to the organiser Cheers!