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    Any buzzer flags for sale?

    Anybody selling, or know of anybody selling a set of buzzer flags? Pref touchline or evrocom, but will consider any others. Asking around for a mate - doesn't want to spend over £250 (tight arse is gonna find it hard!)
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    Dress Code: Sensible clothing

    So game Saturday afternoon at a local ground - referee said Sensible clothing, no jeans or tracksuits. What would you wear? My last 2 games where there has been a dress code - I felt under dressed, as the others both had suits on. Was thinking of wearing a suit with a jumper underneath, so if...
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    Second Semi Final

    Give me a FIFA badge this is my second game this weekend in Wales! ;) Anyway, was called up to my first ever semi-final line on Thursday - completely out of the blue! Today game, and was an ace game. Made up with my performance. Had an email from the RO this evening offering me another semi...
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    Academy Fixtures

    For those referees who do academies, or know their stuff about academies, how do you go about getting your fixtures? I used to do a local academy, but they were just friendlies every few weeks, but looking at getting into proper academy games with referees & AR.
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    Referee Development Resources

    Does anyone have a link to any refereeing powerpoints to help with development? Whether it's on different topics or something along those lines, or does anyone have any saved? I can provide my email if that helps. Cheers.
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    Nike Referee Kit 2017

    Anyone know if one will be released? If so, does anyone know round about when?
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    Promotion Level 7-6 Criteria

    So thinking of going for promotion this year, as advised, but have a few questions? Do you have to spend a full season at Level 7? I have spent about 4 months at this level, and the 20 games, do they have to be OA? Have seen some places they have but in others they haven't specified. Cheers...
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    Pushed - Non-Sanctioned game

    I was meant to be on the line on Sunday for a league game, however that was called off. A mate of mine runs a supporters team, who had a friendly against an ex-league local side (reds), who were a group of mates who partialy knew this supporters team, anyway he was after a ref so I'd do it...
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    Chester V Wrexham

    So Chester V Wrexham took place on Saturday.. Heres 2 major incidents. 2:30 Chester pen. Soft, but in my eyes it's a penalty, a few have agreed with me, a few havent. And finally 4:30 into this, bit of a scuffle and can just about see a clear punch on Chester 15. 1. Penalty or no penalty...
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    Comms Kits

    If any of them 'Only can be used above National League levels' come along, I won't be happy:D Just an idea about comms kits, I do charity matches and friendlies regularly, I have the same team each game and we were speaking about having comms kits. None of them knew the price of the ones made...
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    First game back 2017

    Guess it's the first weekend back reffing for 2017 for majority of us? Certainly was mine, definitely felt the break but certainly didn't ruin my performance. Cardless game, but definitely wasn't easy. Probably my last middle for a while too.
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    Clothing to arrive at a game in

    Hi guys, Start my new league next Sunday, going into youth football (U18's,19's, 21's), so they play at the grounds of the teams now. Recieved the league rule book yesterday, and it said how casual clothing is requred to turn up to the games in. Just wondering what everyone wears when they...
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    Tips for AR

    So, my first game on the line comes in just over a weeks time, and going to be something regular now, on the line. I'm confident with all my signals and positioning-ish, but does any one have any tips, or are there any documents etc that supply times for assistant refereeing? I'll be the...
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    Happy New Year 2017

    Hope all you fellow refs had a great christmas & new year, and all looking forward to your first game back! 2017 will be a big year going forward for me. Adults football full time next season, Paris World Cup in July and will be going for my Level 6 promotion next year. I look forward to it...
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    Not being paid full amount...

    So the academy side I ref on a Sunday pays £20 for U14's (I done these 4 times) and £15 for U13's (I done once). We get paid every 5 games. Handed my time sheet in 3 weeks ago, thinking I'll be at least £95 up for Christmas. Anyway, check comes 3 weeks later, yes 3 weeks! £75. Great, paid me at...
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    Dealing with Player Managers

    My game today saw a player manager, and just had this thought to my self: What do you do to send a player/manager off, in the managerial position? Obviously if he was playing, and shown a red he would be gone, but if I had to send him off from the touchline, would it be the same as sending a...
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    Cold/Numb Hands...

    Are we, as Referees actually allowed to wear gloves? 2 games this weekend, Saturday, got back to the changing rooms & I couldn't even undo my buttons on my shirt my fingers were that numb. Todays game, exactly the same and struggled to write in my notebook & start/stop the watch. Things like...
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    Yellow or get away with it?

    Blue vs Greens U12 today, Green 9 shoots, blocked by Blue 3 hand on the goal, the ball goes in & Greens take goal. Obviously if he hadn't had scored, it would've been a Greens penalty and a Blue Red for DOGSO, but should I have shown the Blue 3 a yellow after the goal?
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    Where to the 5 games go...?

    Recently completed my course and have now completed the 5 games to qualify, I have them scanned and and saved as a document on my PC, but where do they get sent to? Is there an eMail or do you send it to your CFA?
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    Ankle Stiffness

    Reffed 2 over last weekend, plus other bits and bob. Was walking to the shop the other day and felt my ankle was a bit sore, thought nothing of it. Just started a run, and my ankle is really stiff and sore... After about 5/10 minutes its alright, but I'm reffing 2 this weekend again, and hoping...