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  1. jojo

    World Cup Japan v Colombia

    Watching this game on BBC3, and it's nice to hear the commentators frequently praise the referee. They have passed many compliments on his performance and what he is doing, and it's a nice surprise. They even said he will be hoping for Portugal to go out so he can get the final! A bit early for...
  2. jojo

    Nike Kit

    The new Nike Kit is now available for pre-order from A&H, and a lot cheaper too!
  3. jojo

    Sold Nike Training Top

    Hi everyone. I've got a brand new Nike Training top, this seasons. The only reason I am selling it is because it's a size large and it's too big for me! It has never been worn, but it's tags have been taken off. It has no badge on it - it is the training top only. Yours for £10 incl. P&P, which...
  4. jojo


    Well, what a story to tell! Went to watch Altrincham FC v North Ferriby today - Conference North, 1st v 3rd. I saw Anthony Taylor before the game (he supports Althrincham), and I've met and spoke to him before at a talk he did a few weeks back so I went and sat next to him. We were chatting...
  5. jojo

    Throw in

    Today I had a very good appointment - City v Birmingham ladies, for which I was on the line. First half I was involved a lot, all in my half, and I did really really well, all my flags were correct, and there were no complaints whatsoever. Then, in the second half, my head was still in the...
  6. jojo

    2014-15 Nike Kit

    Not sure about the website, but these have the proposed Nike kit for next season for sale:
  7. jojo


    Hi guys Just wondering, how do you caution? I can't make a decision on how to do it! Do you write on the card, write in the notebook, write in the notebook, put it away and then pull out a yellow from your pocket? Thanks
  8. jojo

    Refsworld Card Skins

    Refsworld released their new product today; card skins. They stick onto your cards, and have spaces for you to write players numbers, caution codes, time etc. They are re-useable, and actually look quite good. What are your first impressions? Obviously no one has them yet, but will anyone be...
  9. jojo


    Is there any way that Refsworld banner can be moved Ross? It blocks anything else in its place! EDIT: this doesn't apply anymore, I don't know why it was there but it's gone now!! EDIT2: it's back now, but it doesn't block anything now. Is it just me or do I feel like I'm doing a running...
  10. jojo

    Vidic red card

    Your thoughts on the vidic red card? I personally felt that it was harsh, and a yellow would have been sufficient for the tackle.
  11. jojo

    A&H Sale

    A&H have a sale on at the minute on Umbro training wear if anyones involved. Guess it's because they're trying to get rid of older stock because of the new Nike range coming out for next season
  12. jojo

    Casio RFT-100 Timer

    Hi all Just wondering, what are your thoughts on the Casio RFT-100 referee timer? I'm thinking on buying it, but wondered what are the thoughts of people that have used them Thanks
  13. jojo

    Under Armour

    Hi All. With a few gift vouchers for Christmas, I am looking for a long sleeve under armour top. What do you think of a long sleeve one, with a high neck? I don't know how it would look with a high neck, but thats the only one I can get with the gift vouchers! The shop they're for only sell...
  14. jojo

    World Cup - Spray

    Blatter has today confirmed that the invisible spray thingy will be used in the 2014 World Cup, used to mark where free kicks to be taken from, wall etc. Thoughts?
  15. jojo

    Disturbing news

    2 incidents on the front page of 2 papers yesterday - one town paper one regional, both different stories regarding referees being abused. 1- regional paper. A 16 year old ref was grabbed by the throat and spat at twice as he went back to changing rooms. This was because he did not give a free...
  16. jojo

    Villa v Tottenham

    Anyone see the linesman get hit after Spurs' first goal? Somebody through a flare onto the pitch and hit the linesman on the back/neck. Truly horrific and disgusting how a football fan can attack an official in that way. I hope the person who threw it faces consequences for it.
  17. jojo

    Chelsea v Cardiff

    Anyone see Chelsea's first goal? Goalkeepers bounces ball on ground after collecting it, Eto sticks leg out, takes it off him, passes back to Hazard who eventually passes back to Eto, then back to Hazard who scores. Should've been an IDFK, bit of a howler? He did turn his back though, and...
  18. jojo


    Has anyone used these? I want to buy something off them, but want to know what they're like as they are is Australia. How quick is delivery? Thanks
  19. jojo

    Cup Final

    I have just received an e-mail telling me I am appointed to an U12 cup final as an assistant referee. I am really happy with this, because its my 1st season, and I have only been with this league for a few months! What has anyone else got?
  20. jojo

    If your face fits

    I was refereeing a match a few weeks ago, and one of the CARs was speaking to me. He used to be a conference level referee, and was talking to me about that. During the match, he was talking to my dad who was with me. Later on, my dad was telling me what the CAR was saying to him. The ref said...