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    Referee Observer

    Hi all, I decided to abandon my match at HT today due to deterioration of part of the pitch which I felt posed a danger to player safety. As I was considering my decision the referee observer, in full view of players and management, called me to the side of the pitch and tried to persuade me...
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    Post Match at Wembley

    Hi Guys Just wondering if any of you know how long it typically takes to get from Wembley back into central London after a match. I'm looking at coming down from Glasgow for the Tottenham v Monaco match on Wednesday 14th September, and have no clue how bad trying to get back is! Any help here...
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    Velcro badge patches

    Anyone know where I can pick up velcro badge patches for my jersey? Going abroad for a tournament and will be getting a badge similar to the FIFA ones to use.
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    How do I approach tonight's match?

    Managed to pick up an U13s promotion play-off match line for a local league tonight. Without wanting to seem to far up myself, it's the sort of match that's a bit below my ability as a referee now, but it needed covering so I thought why not. The issue is, the referees that typically do these...
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    Had confirmation through from the SFA yesterday that I've been promoted from to Category 5 from Category 7. Very happy indeed! :)
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    Two yellow cards in the same phase of play?

    An interesting scenario arose in an U14 match today and I'm not sure if I dealt with it correctly. Blue player is just beyond the half-way line attacking the yellow goal, which looks to be a very promising attack. Yellow player clearly grabs hold of his shirt and attempts to pull him down. As I...
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    Accrington Disallowed Goal

    I assume a few of you may have seen this, but for those who haven't there's a link at the bottom of the post. For those who can't view it, I'll describe what happens. Basically, Accrington play the ball into the box. Player turns and shoots, and the ref blows for half-time just before the ball...
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    Hypothetical DOGSO situation

    Been reading a few posts on here and came across one where people were talking about how our interpretations of situations can perhaps prevent something from being DOGSO. Since reading it, I've thought up this hypothetical situation and wanted to get your guys' take on it. Say an attacker has...
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    Eventful Charity Match

    So I was refereeing my first ever charity match a few weeks ago (no assistants), and two things happened that have stuck in my mind since then; was whites v blues. Firstly, I penalised a white player for offside. Immediately after I blow the whistle, he picks the ball up, boots it half way...
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    Is this unsporting behaviour?

    So today I had a game in which an incident happened that I haven't seen or heard about before. It was Orange v Blue, and the Oranges were winning 3-1 with 5 minutes to go. A long ball forward from the Blue team came to rest at the feet of the Orange GK. She kept the ball at her feet until...