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    Quick question about leaving the field

    A player is injured through an opponent's SFP and receives treatment. The opponent is sent off. Does the treated player need to leave the field after the treatment (and therefore can't take the FK or PK that might ensue)?
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    Huge resource of interactive training video clips & tests

    Don't know if this has been posted before, but some interesting interactive material (big 4GB download). Covers fouls/misconduct, positioning, offside and more. I've used this a lot as a handy reminder for key incidents - so hopefully of use to some of you!
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    Simulation Solutions?

    Just saw this short video from Sky, in which Matt Le Tissier makes some interesting, and debatable, points about simulation and DOGSO. What do members think would happen if interpretations of DOGSO...
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    S'ton v Newcastle - not offside?

    Hi all Southampton's second goal on Saturday reminded me of a question about offside I've never really had the answer to. See here: Once the two attackers are ahead of the last defender, Tadic plays the ball forward to...