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  1. Degnann

    Encroachment. Mandatory caution?

    Just been observed for the first time. Gave a retake of a pen for defensive encroachment. my observer states this is a mandatory caution, which I wasn’t aware of. Closest I can see is the last point which mentions everything other than a penalty. (Technically fk in the box) Curious to know...
  2. Degnann

    Europa League Final

    What we saying to referees performance yesterday? for me I’m surprised Utd never got a penalty with the Greenwood challenge. Clearly kicked on the back of the leg, Peter Walton states the villarreal player plays the ball. He does not.
  3. Degnann

    Self Reflection

    First game back tonight since Scotland lifted its restrictions today. 2006s 2x40 halfs. Purple vs Green 2 key incidents. Green second bookable offence on 36 minutes. Clear as day yellow. Coaches, we will sub him. I say no and send him off. lots of shouting and moaning that its a friendly and...
  4. Degnann

    Honor Magic

    Does anyone have this watch? Looking to know if refsix works with it. have an apple watch but battery just gets hammered, so looking for a smart watch specifically for games and see this is going for cheap.
  5. Degnann

    North London Derby

    Surprised to see this hasn’t been brought up. Maybe we are already in agreement… 2 key points. the arsenal penalty and the Lamela red card. lots of pundit talk and some ex refs obviously stating lucky for both. personally for me both are correct decisions
  6. Degnann

    IFAB law changes 1/7/21
  7. Degnann

    Talk about a kit clash

    Basaksehir vs Sivasspor. there are 2 teams in that photo
  8. Degnann

    Referee books

    Looking to potentially start reading any referee related books. Autobiographies or just general books. anyone have any recommendations? No points for whoever comments first with the LOTG book.
  9. Degnann

    Burnley vs Wolves

    Burnley 2-1 Wolves: Nuno Espirito Santo says referee Lee Mason 'not good enough' NES not holding back on Lee Mason. Anyone who watched the game able to shine a light on his comments at all?
  10. Degnann

    PSG vs Istanbul

    Game abandoned in the first half. Seems to be the 4th official has been accused of racist language. Paris Saint Germain – Istanbul Başakşehir Referee: Ovidiu Hațegan (ROU) Assistant Referee 1: Octavian Sovre (ROU) Assistant Referee 2: Sebastian Gheorghe (ROU) Fourth Official: Sebastian Coltescu...
  11. Degnann

    Aik vs Elfsborg

    Never seen anything like it
  12. Degnann

    Utd vs PSG

    Thoughts on the Fred yellow? ref looked at the screen for maybe 1 second then produced a yellow. surprised hes stayed on the park imo
  13. Degnann

    Man in the middle documentary

    Really looking forward to this
  14. Degnann

    Junior/Youth First Coach Dismissal

    Had a 2008 age group game today. Black vs Red Sent off red coach for OFFINABUS 4 minutes before half time. Clearly didn't agree with a decision I did not give his team. Refused to give me his full name. Some other person was there who advised he couldn't leave the pitch due to COVID and there...
  15. Degnann

    Adidas Short Sleeve - M/L

    Looking for any short sleeve M/L Adidas tops. fellow ref who passed the course same time as myself so would be sfa. badges can be added on later, find them difficult to get a decent price. thanks
  16. Degnann

    First games in the bag

    Done my first 2 11 a side games today. Just wanting to post with some self reflection and potential advice. First game was 2008 age group, second was 2007. Game 1 All in all no major troubles with this game. Young boys so lots of mouth. Ref this and ref that and giving it to each other. Only...
  17. Degnann

    We are back

    So happy this site is back 😭 who’d have thought it? Ross needs some explaining, unless it was just down for me.
  18. Degnann

    Ajax RC Ajax defender sent off. what we thinking?
  19. Degnann

    Rangers vs Dundee Utd

    Interested to hear opinions on this from actual refs and not fans/pundits. I won't give an opinion due to it being Scottish teams.
  20. Degnann

    Junior/Youth Finding Games (SFA)

    This may be easier for any fellow SFA refs, but how do you find friendlies to ref? see alot of chat about if teams know you etc but obviously don’t have that luxury as I’m not yet a member of leagues or anything. There isn’t any direct contacts that I’m aware of within the referee hierarchy...