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    One of those games

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this in but basically what happened was yesterday I reffed an U16 game Reds v Blues. I’m one of those referees who lets quite a lot of physical contact go but I think yesterday probably just let too much go as almost all pushes and barges I just let...
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    Level 6 promotion

    Know this is quite a few months away and football may not even be back. In October in turn 16 and was wondering if it would be possible to try and apply for promotion to level 6? But at the same time was thinking that it might be best to get some experience doing open age games before applying?
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    Yellow card incident

    Had an incident this morning at u13 where blue player fouls his man recklessly bordering on a red I get the yellow out and am getting told by both managers that it wasn’t a yellow and once it was full time both managers were saying your not putting them bookings in are you and when I said course...
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    Spare ref wallet and cards

    Anyone have a ref notebook that they don’t need as everyone I have bought have fallen apart after a few games if not could anyone recommend where to buy one that can withstand more than few games. Much appreciated
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    U14 games and offsides

    Am hoping to do some u14 games this season and was wondering about the tolerance level for cautions and dismissals at this level. Really I would have thought it would be the same as adults as they should knows the laws by this age as only did u11 and u12 last season. Also what would everyone say...
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    U12 red card

    Had a situation at the weekend where blue team were through on goal play makes a challenge from behind catches him on the ankle. I sent him off for SFP as that was the more serious offence no complaints (surprisingly) from the player but the manager walked up to me at the end and said I...
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    U11 Semi final

    Have just been appointed to a semi final and it is only my fifth game am quite nervous. Any advice would be much appreciated
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    Official Fifa Cards

    Am just looking for a set of official Fifa cards and wondering whether I should write to Fifa and ask or is that a bit cheeky? If not where do you write to and if anyone has done so did they get some?
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    U11 Caution

    Had an incident on Sunday where a u11 player committed an act of spa I warned him and then 5 mins later he did it again then a few mins later when a substitution was in process manager said to me that it was harsh and that he was only a kid just wondering whether I made the correct decision????
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    Referee Cards

    Hi just wondering when I ref my first match is it better to use card skins or the note book to write on as I am not completely sure thanks