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  1. Charlie Jones

    Question of impartial ...

    Got one from my game yesterday and it got me thinking ... game was pink v blue - pink player make a passing comment of 'have you got a blue shirt under your top?!' now, it was said once and I didn't quite catch the player (had a good mind who it was, but not certain) he then says it 10-15...
  2. Charlie Jones

    Team of 3/4 - Warm Up ...

    Had this come up and last nights society meeting ... I've listed the 4 main responses people gave ... answer and discuss ...
  3. Charlie Jones

    wall moving - help

    hi guys ... bit of advice - and happy for any critisim if I was wrong ... free kick in front of me ... (im AR) ref paces the wall, all good - as he blows the whistle, and before the kick is taken, the wall moves around a yard (shuffles forward) now I didn't flag until after the kick as I wanted...
  4. Charlie Jones

    Adidas boots

    Guys going to 'vote' this - want peoples answer and then an opinion if you want to give one ... do you think these boots are acceptable to wear as a referee?
  5. Charlie Jones

    County Cup Finals 2017

    Just thought I'd announce my major excitement at being selected for a County FA up Final this coming year!! fully over the moon with this - congrats to anyone else that got the appointments across each county
  6. Charlie Jones

    Busy last weekend of 2016

    So .. to wrap up my 2016 - I finished with 2 local derby's! first up was the men's derby on Saturday afternoon ... Blue v Red, very local, very fiery past ... game starts off below tempo we officials expected which is grand as we are on the ball with everything and the players seem happy to...
  7. Charlie Jones

    Barking & Dagenham RA

    hi guys just a gentle reminder - if any of you are close enough to make a visit, then we open our doors fully this week to non-members for this weeks society meeting - we have Mr James Lisher (Essex CFA RDO) coming down to talk about the DNA and future of grass roots refereeing. should be a...
  8. Charlie Jones

    Importance of Societies

    After another excellent evening last night at my local RA meeting - it has made me wonder how many are actually members of a society, and then how many go to meetings on a regular basis? this is only my second year in a society, never bothered before - and im starting to feel like a should have...
  9. Charlie Jones

    Buzzer flags

    So ... with Christmas coming up I sually start to save some pennies to treat those that I love around me ... with that in mind I panic bought a set of buzzer flags ... the Refscall ones ... does anyone have user reviews? only bought them for £70
  10. Charlie Jones

    Casio RFT-100

    Not so sure what the fuss is over this watch? bought one a little while back, used it once, sold it again (at a profit may I add) I'm not sure if its because I'm not exactly a scrawny chap, not just a larger than normal stomach but all around a generally big lad, and such I don't really like...
  11. Charlie Jones


    can we have a 'crying with laughter' emoji? and a 'covering the eyes' embrassed emoji? countless times have I needed to use these! may also make some posts seem comical like they should be rather than nasty digs! just a thought :D
  12. Charlie Jones

    Your England line up

    just talking on another thread, and its made me think ... what would be your chosen England line up ... from the 26 man squad Hodgson as currently ... for me: Hart Clyne, Cahill, Dier, Rose Sterling, Wilshere, Rooney (c), Alli Kane, Vardy
  13. Charlie Jones

    Handling outside the area ...

    morning chaps ... myself and @Alex71 had an interesting, comical one yesterday ! ladies football ... ill use different colours as the real ones give away the teams! green v orange ... green lob the ball forward to an attacker, floats over everyone and moves towards, and just outside the PA...
  14. Charlie Jones

    RIP Victoria Wood & Chyna ...

    RIP Victoria Wood whom everyone knows and also to Chyna ... the ex WWE Women's Champion. 2 different level stars in 2 different professions, both taken far too soon ... What a terribly crap year 2016 is being ... everybody that's ok to fast forward to 2017 already say aye ...
  15. Charlie Jones

    Liverpool v Everton

    Lets forget the score for a second and how terrible Everton were ... did anyone watch this game and see Funes Mori's challenge on Origi? if you did then I presume you also heard the commentators express their surprise in a red card? am I the only guy that was sitting there thinking ... nailed...
  16. Charlie Jones


    Had a Saturday game on the line this weekend ... Blue v Grey, first half went fine - 2-1 to Grey - all 3 of us officials pleased with how its went, nice man management from the ref. cue 2nd half ... 15 minutes in, first red for Blue 7, violent conduct from nowhere! 6 yellows later and a 3-3...
  17. Charlie Jones

    Champions League Final

    I personally would love to see the City v Bayern final ... and for Pellegrini to have one over on the incoming boss!
  18. Charlie Jones

    Liverpool v Dortmund

    No actual conversation starting ... just a bit appreciation for how well Liverpool done? Wow ... just ... Wow ... oh, and in case West Ham are lurking on this forum and reading this ... that boys is how you turn around a 0-2 score line ... :rolleyes:
  19. Charlie Jones

    West Ham v Arsenal

    Can we all agree Pawson had a pretty terrible game Saturday? Personally think the game was too big for him, 2 teams pushing for Champions League was always going to be feisty ... 2 yellows for West Ham and 0 for Arsenal? the disallowed goal for West Ham? the incorrect offside for Lanzini...
  20. Charlie Jones

    Nike long sleeved top, XL

    anyone got the above? 2013 or 2015 preferably with the 'FA' badge, but plain is fine also? cheers