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    Ultimately it's your decision. As Kes says, it's useful to brief the club assistants to make it clear that you will overrule them if you're sure they're wrong in law. Typically this happens when they flag early and someone else runs through from an onside position. It's the being sure that...
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    Offside - why do we have it?

    And I thought Big Sam came from Dudley, not Sheffield.
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    Offside - why do we have it?

    This comes from origins in rugby of course, where you still have to be behind the ball to receive it. The challenge and skill in both games relies on taking territory by going forward with the ball, so it was deemed unsporting to be able to knock it forward to someone who's just waiting for it.
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    'Double Jeopardy'/Persistent fouls crossover

    We had a good little discussion about this a short while ago - there might be some handy hints here for dealing with these kinds of game management issues: 'one of those games'
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    21/22 Ref-Card (fits in match wallet)

    With Andrew's permission, here's a version I adapted to suit my more regular role as an AR (I took out the sin bin columns and replaced them with times/subs).
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    Manchester City v PSG

    If it was only ever used for the shocker (which happens very occasionally of course) there would be a fraction of the calls for it to be scrapped.
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    Is it time these are red cards?

    Yes, although it would line up quite nicely with the 'genuine attempt' element of DOGSO in the penalty area.
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    One of those games

    In my experience this is often the cause of that kind of game which slowly slips away from you. It's also a problem which often comes from a good place ('I'm going to let the players play' and/or 'it is a contact sport', etc). Then before you know it you've played advantage where the team...
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    Leicester v Crystal Palace

    To be honest, this is the counter argument to the VAR offside debacle. If it's so close that it's impossible to tell after several viewings then I'd much rather they didn't look for reasons to rule out goals. Better that one guilty man goes free than 10 goals are ruled out. Or something.
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    Kids And Wearing Spectacles (Again!!)

    You are speaking for us though. I'm Type 1 diabetic and so can't wear contacts (the eye shape changes according to the levels of glucose in capillaries). I've worn glasses since I first qualified in 1998. The worst that's ever happened is the odd spectator having a good laugh at my expense...
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    WBA vs Southampton

    I think that's the only reasonable explanation - but I don't think that tallies with the tweet following.
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    Junior/Youth One of "those" games

    Absolutely this. It's actually more about not saying the wrong thing. Best advice I got was to take your time, don't be afraid to use your personality and read the temperature of the moment. So I'm a man of few words (and they really aren't listening anyway, except to argue), so for me it's...
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    Junior/Youth One of "those" games

    Just one of the reasons this is such a useful forum. I'll second this one, as I had a really bad experience with this early on (back in about 1999!) and have never done it since. You can use plenty of other phrases to make the same point without ever being quite so concrete and painting...
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    Burnley v Newcastle

    Yes! It really annoys me when pundits say this. I can still remember the arguments before the DOGSO law came in and it was exactly the same - "what's the defender meant to do when the attacker is one on one with the keeper?!". We wouldn't accept that now and we should be mindful of the same...
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    Southampton v Brighton

    Better still, what happens if the attacking side then commit a foul themselves during this period? What if it's SFP?
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    Strange experiences

    Absolutely. And what's more, the number of FK applies to the number of fouls, which is down to what happens on the pitch, not some evening-up exercise.
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    Strange experiences

    Sharing a changing room with another referee before simultaneous cup games, when he asked me if I was going 'straight to penalties'. When I said no, that it was ET first, he said he wasn't paid enough for that kind of crap so he'd be saying there'd be none in his game.
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    Swansea v Middlesbrough

    Yeah, it's not a one or the other situation. The decisions are hard to understand and Warnock is completely out of order.
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    Chelsea v Man Utd

    Yeah. Whatever the response might be was clearly enough to get McGuire worried! 'Misheard'?!
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    A Madrid v Chelsea

    Absolutely. I'd expect Walton to be being paid to do a little more than that, especially when he's often plucking things out of the air for some post-hoc rationale.