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    Rangers v Slavia Prague

    Only quibble with the second red was the time the referee took to stop the game tbh.
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    Anyone else find it extremely annoying how uninformed non-referee's are on the LOTG?

    I don't think it would work tbh. One of the problems that stops this happening is referees themselves at all levels, but especially ex-referees, or 'referees turned pundits'. Also, I think the fanbase isn't happy to critically consider scenarios and situations. A lot of the times an identical...
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    Southampton v Brighton

    Ah. :P Didn't see it, but from what you describe, it does seem a poor call.
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    Challenging a GK's Punt

    I was guilty of that for a season or two as well. I usually caution it as it cuts it out for the rest of the game tbh, but most refs I've seen try to do it via having a word. I just want the caution out there, so that if it happens again, usually at 0-1 in the 90+6th minute, I don't get them...
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    Ipswich v Northampton

    Happened to me once, and it didn't go down well! :D Anyway, I have to say, why no red card for the OFFINABUS? Would have ended the entire fiasco right there. I think this incident would be held up by certain users who used to be on this forum as an example of failing to use the tools we have to...
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    It was nice while it lasted...

    I'm fitter (sort of), but fatter. So win/lose I guess? I've been working on my very bad endurance. I've been okay at sprinting etc, but long distance running has always been my weakness. I'm now regularly smacking out 5km. Hoping to push that to 10km by next season, since this season has been...
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    Strange experiences

    I know a level 7-8 (bottom rung for England I guess) who mics up and has buzzer flags for college games... That's why I always say 'come out and do the jogging and you can try my routine, but once I'm done you can quit or stay and do more'. Some people need a solid workout, others don't even...
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    Self Analysis

    Same, I just look like the fat git I used to take the piss out of when I was young and trim. Age caught up with me, as did the doughnuts.
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    Chelsea v Man Utd

    Pre-VAR maybe you can make the case for him missing it and argue all day long whether it was or wasn't a penalty. But, we're in VAR times now, and they looked at it, saw it was a handling of the ball and I think, it has to be given. Fans understandably, cannot fathom why punting the ball into...
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    Ipswich v Northampton

    He's not going to get promoted this season now is he? :hmmm:
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    Peter Bankes

    Ooh, I'll have no hope then. :P
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    Best watch

    I can see the topic has been answered, but thought I'd chip in in any case; Was bought a COROS Pace 2 recently for my birthday. GPS on it is ridiculously accurate, so am looking forward to testing it on the field. Battery life is 2 weeks+, GPS battery life is superb. If I run for 30 minutes...
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    Underwater running is the other method. Go in a swimming pool and 'run', you use the resistance of the water to strengthen those supporting muscles and such, whilst also negating the impact of running. Obviously, once lockdown is over tho... I'm a healthy 90kg! >_> Ugh I don't think I use 150...
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    It was nice while it lasted...

    Only because I'm getting fat. I was scheduled in for the fitness test in Wales, but I took the COVID opt out - I think I would have failed the test anyway if I'm honest because, when lockdown happened in March (or whenever, I don't even know the date anymore) I wasn't in a place I could...
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    Pre-Season Fitness Plans

    Oh yes, definitely, I do agree with you. Yes, that's a pre-season training plan I've seen. It's definitely a lot, especially for me as I've never really done all three workouts in one session (or one day).
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    Pre-Season Fitness Plans

    There's actually a rather decent training booklet on the resources page here, which has some very good exercise ideas you can use if you can find a field to use. One thing I'm finding surprising (or maybe I've been too lazy) is that exercise expectations are a LOT higher when you hit a certain...
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    Your moment of the season

    Promotion to Tier 3. :) (I'm going to look stupid if I find out this re-ordered number system for next season doesn't mean I'm in Tier 3 lol...) But whatever, I got promoted. :D Best moment was smashing this County Cup match, two very good, tough, savvy teams. Went into extra time, red cards...
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    Only a yellow ?

    I remember this happening to David Beckham, post red card at the world cup? Vs West Ham I think. And the referee didn't give anything for it, or it was just a foul one of the two. I remember as a fan being livid about that. 🙃 Anyway, rambling fan comments aside, I do think red is the go-to for...
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    Fifa to take VAR off ifab?

    Saw this elsewhere and it seems the rumourmill is saying this is the PL's fault for trying to be different about implementing it, so FIFA are stepping in to twist everyone's arm so it gets enforced the same worldwide. Who knows? Would be amusing if it is true, bit of a backfire really.