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  1. jack.prescott


    Does anyone have any experience of being involved with the police due to an on-field incident? Got to give a witness statement next week, is what they expect any different to the report I sent to county FA?
  2. jack.prescott

    Paris World Cup 2016

    Anyone else going to the Paris World Cup this July and intending to travel by Eurostar? Would be good to meet up and travel with anyone else going.
  3. jack.prescott

    Miss timed tackle?

    Possibly one of the worst timed tackles ever?
  4. jack.prescott

    What do you do before a game?

    Interested to see if anyone else has any little routines before a game, not when you arrive at the ground but before you leave the house? For me, kit is packed the night before then in the morning I'll play a few games of FIFA (other sports games are available) and then eat before getting...
  5. jack.prescott

    Some people just can't help themselves

    Under 16 game yesterday morning, blue vs White, two teams that will inevitably be at the top of the table come the end of the season so everyone was expecting a closely contested game and it certainly didn't disappoint. White go 1-0 up before my first caution to blue centre back "are you blind...
  6. jack.prescott

    nutrition question

    Can anybody reccomend any good sports nutrition magazines or online journals? It's something I'm interested in and want to learn a bit more about as it's likely to be part of my university course this time next year.
  7. jack.prescott

    Touchline flags

    I'm after a pair of touchline flags (not buzzers) ideally the newer ones and not the rubber handles. If anybody has a pair to sell or knows someone who has I'm willing to try and agree on a price.
  8. jack.prescott

    Great news!

    Just when I thought this season had given me all it could, it gets better!!! Had an email from County asking me to referee at Wolves academy once or twice a month next season!:):D
  9. jack.prescott

    Junior/Youth Cup final!

    Got the e-mail this morning to say I've been appointed to this years under 18 cup final. To make it even better, it's being played at Burton Albion!:D I'm liking the idea of seeing them being crowned league 2 champions on the Saturday then being an assistant there on the Sunday!
  10. jack.prescott

    cup finals

    Been appointed to 2 Staffordshire Schools County Cup Finals at Stafford Town! :)
  11. jack.prescott

    Promotion season vs Football season

    Something that occurred to me over the weekend... Why does the promotion season not run at the same time as the league season?
  12. jack.prescott

    Good luck

    Good luck to everyone who is starting their promotion season today!
  13. jack.prescott

    Off I go again

    Over Easter I'm going on the same tour-but-not-quite-a-tour tour that I went on last summer. Off to Oakham School for an academy festival but this year I'm stopping at the school for 3 days, truly blessed for every opportunity I'm being given at the minute.
  14. jack.prescott

    Fantastic appointment

    Just had an e-mail appointing me to run the line for England Schoolboys vs Wolves (Under 18's) at Lilleshall National Sports centre! My Wednesday just got a whole lot better.
  15. jack.prescott

    ESFA middle

    So far this season I've done quite a few ESFA games and been an assistant for all of them, but tonight I'm making the step up and doing a middle. Really looking forward to it and it shows people have got some faith in what I can do. To add to the occasion it's yet another game for me on the...
  16. jack.prescott

    Ched Evans

    Would you have him at your club?
  17. jack.prescott

    Mr "Special one" But Mourinho said: "When you go to an independent panel to suspend players by video evidence, it is a disaster." But your ok with retrospective punishment for red cards and overturning decisions with use of video evidence Jose?
  18. jack.prescott


    Did something like this last year. As leagues draw to a close for the festive break what have your highlights been this year? Personally, my involvement in 3 semi finals and 1 final last May. Becoming involved with ISFA and ESFA, which have led to me working with both Mark Warren and Roy Burton!
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    Derby red card

    Who saw it? What do we think?
  20. jack.prescott

    New design?

    Is it just my mobile version that's changed design? Looks pretty nice @Ross I have to say