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    Women - Tiers 3 and 4 next season

    I've been told that AR appointments for these games will now be done centrally - not by County FAs as previously. Also been advised that FA have asked for nominations from County - but only levels 5 and 6. Guessing that will mean 3/4s in the middle. Great shame for me as I've enjoyed ARing at...
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    Payment into bank account

    Have done about a dozen games in this truncated season and most clubs still seem to prefer by cash. Had only 2 where bank transfer has been used. The first one the referee had to chase payment and I've not been paid for Saturday finals yet. Sent two emails, plus the one giving my bank details...
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    Finland v Belgium

    A rich mine of the ludicrous, irrelevant and down right incorrect from messes Pearce and Keown last night, but my 'favourite' refereeing related one came from Mr Keown. JP " Not sure if that free kick was for offside or a foul" MK "Bit of both I think Jonathan" Now lads, I think you'll find...
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    First for me today

    Always good at my age and after nearly 20 years - 2 back to back 4th official duties - JPL Girls (14s and 16s) Cup Finals. Done about 8 x 4th officials before but never 2 back back. Will let you know any highlights in due course!
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    Don't forget its 21/22 laws from today in this tournament. Main talking point/change is likely to be that accidental handball by attackers is now OK as long as they don't score themselves. Of course, VAR will be in place to prevent any controversaries?;):p
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    Registration 21/22

    Completed mine this morning and amazed it only took about 5 minutes. Sure it used to be a lot more complicated or maybe I'm just finally getting the hang of it!:p
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    Next Season

    Couple of snippets for information - obviously all applies as we stand today in terms of covid restrictions. Isthmian Under 18s leagues announced and down south there are 4 leagues, with all bar one having 10 teams and the other one 9, so that's good for those of us on those leagues. On to the...
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    Promotion to SG1

    Might be complete nonsense but someone on Twitter is quoting 'sources' that 5 referees are being interviewed with the possibility of being promoted. They say they are Gillet, Stroud, Harrington, Brooks and Salisbury. As I say might be complete rubbish, but thought I would post for info.
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    Rebecca Welch

    Not seen anything on here, so well done to her on becoming first female to ref in the EFL. As the Racing Post says today, it only took 200,000 games and 140 years! When put like that, it really is shockingly bad.
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    You Are The Ref! - Again!

    Sorry - another query from the infamous book. Now I read that Mr Hackett is saying GKs MUST wear long sleeve shirts????? Earlier query I raised was 'solved' by a recent change in law (Book is about 2 years old) - but not this one surely - just plain incorrect - yes? Thanks!
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    Southampton v Brighton

    Strange (I thought) decision by Stuart Atwell in this one, I would be grateful for your thoughts on. Southampton player fouled on edge of PA, but ball runs to team mate, who gets a clear, unblocked, but ultimately well saved shot on goal from 8 - 10 yards. However, much to Brighton's players...
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    Stressful Experiences

    As a follow up to 'Strange Experiences' I'm after situations where real life meets refereeing with the envitable stress! I'll go with this example that came to mind as I was driving past the pitch recently. Cup Game (U15s or similar) Sunday morning, close game. Near the end I overruled CAR for...
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    Anyone seen anything like THIS before???!!!!

    Watch: Guatemalan player hits himself with object thrown onto pitch - BBC Sport
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    Rather unusual for this level

    Gallery: U23s taste defeat at Harlington ( League game, not a friendly. Spot the unusual occurrence in this gallery?
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    Southampton v Wolves

    2 handballs, one given, one not? Can see why the first one was given against Southampton player, but still a little harsh, given proximity and speed, but why not against Wolves player? PGMOL said (as quoted on MOTD2) that VAR felt neither was a clear and obvious error so went with on field...
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    You Are The Ref! - Again - Sorry!

    Just to reassure (or embarrass) me! Latest one I disagree with Mr Hackett over! Question concerns a GK who punches the ball (Legally, in his own PA) and the ball ends up in oppo net (Yes, yes I know a TAD! unlikely) - no other player touches it on the way. Mr Hackett says goal? Looking at...
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    Reading v Man Utd - WSL

    Did anyone see this bit of 'footballer brain' nonsense and quick thinking by the referee in this game? Free kick to Man Utd just outside PA. As Reading are lining up the wall, Man Utd player is standing right in front of GK. She remains there, its so 'odd' that referee sees fit to 'remind' her...
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    Now don't want Mason or Dean on their games. Surely the FA, PL and PGMOL need to come out with a strong statement about these 'requests'?
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    One for our historians to help me out with please. On my 'other' forum, a poster has told me that the word 'deliberate' DID use to be in the laws in relation to foul tackles, up until the 1990s - is that true? Thanks
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    FA Survey

    Presume you have all received yours? Its all guesswork and may be a bit of PR, but good to see that they are at least consulting about "grassroots" returning "as soon as it is safe to do so"