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    Man Utd Vs Brugge

    There was a ridiculous handball that the referee correctly dismissed the player for DOSGO-Handling. After he did so, VAR recommended a review at the pitchside monitor. I'm just wondering why? All i can see on the fan forums is chatter from the commentators saying they were checking if the...
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    Refereeing numbers.

    I remember we had a discussion about this last season. Have any of you had any numbers on active referees for this season? My area has lost 80 referees since last season, which is a massive number IMO. Hope we have plenty of new blood coming in.
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    Red card?

    At around 5.10 in, there's a tackle on the far side that earns a straight red, the camera angle isn't the best but I was wondering what everyone thought?
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    Open Age Referee'd a game whilst ill today, just so happened to be assessed.

    In fairness, I knew I was being assessed as I'm going for promotion again and this was a later round in the County Cup. First time I've ever got to this stage as well! Woke up this morning feeling ill, got a horrible cold. Too late to withdraw, thought I'd tough it out. It was a really good...
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    Open Age Deciding on a SPA offence.

    Had a situation today, two scenarios; Scenario one: Long ball over the top, defender holds attacker out wide on the halfway line, it was blatant, he never had the pace to beat the lad IMO. There was another defender in line more centrally, who I felt would have easily came across to make a...
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    I just feel like double checking on somethings; With the team official cautions/dismissals now in force, when we have a player-manager or player-coach who is on the bench, am I correct in assuming that if he commits an offence we are to caution/dismiss in their capacity as team official, which...
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    Drop ball. How are your leagues handling it?

    Out of interest, and because this was not something I was expecting teams to struggle with this season; At the higher tiers, I find teams are comfortable with drop ball changes, but at grassroots I'm finding players are getting really argumentative over the bloody process. Two weeks back, I...
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    Open Age What do you reckon?

    Assume you're in a game with plenty of running commentary from players. You've had enough. You call in both captains and explain thus: "Alright lads, I'm getting lots of comments from the players for almost every decision I've made, I'm getting sick of it now, I'm asking you both as captains to...
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    First S3 and S4 yesterday evening.

    Had a midweek game yesterday (Wednesday) and it was a very eventful one. I feel I did well making some major calls as I was more or less on top of things. Not perfect, but a lot better than I was last season. Anyway, it was a spicy affair. The S4 came first, DOSGO-handling, it was pretty easy...
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    Red card for attacking fan:

    I caught this on reddit. What would you be going for? Is it enough for a red for you?
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    Communicating for the public/benches.

    Had my first development league fixture as referee - yay, going up in the world! and I was assigned to work with one of the top ref's in the country as my senior assistant. I got plenty of advice from him, which was pretty cool; One of the bits of advice he gave me was to try and communicate my...
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    Penalty or play on?

    Had an incident a few weeks back that I'm over-thinking today for no reason other than to ask questions; Here's the scenario; Through ball played to a striker into the opposition box. Defender marking him is manhandling him (holding) all the way into the six yard box. No other defenders or...
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    Resource update request.

    As I'm no good with Excel and I have no idea where to post this, I wonder if I could make a request for someone to update the RefStat Excel tracker to include the new manager cautions/dismissals in that section of the tracker?
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    Just got my promotion letter.

    Average mark: 8.2 Promotion to 3B. That would be my old grade before I took ill and had to have a temporary break from refereeing. Been a five/six year journey to get fit enough to get back into refereeing - I was told by some that I had more or less no chance of ever refereeing again, so it...
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    United v Cardiff.

    @Ciley Myrus will not be happy. Jon Moss having a bit of a dodgy one. Phantom penalty for Cardiff. Player did a swing and a miss and fell over and Mr. Moss gave it as a foul... Awful call. Two great interceptions as well, getting in the way of play for United twice. Not the best of halves...
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    Manchester Derby.

    Interesting game so far. Is it just me or is the referee not sprinting very well? Seems well off the pace when United countered for a potential penalty opportunity. Doing okay besides that though.
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    Fun game this evening.

    So, I got an evening game which was the second division of the local leagues. Bottom of table vs top, with the top team being the reserves of a semi-pro outfit (I think). Hoo boy, did I get a workout! Bottom team was punting it long, top team was moving the ball about with skill, I ran the most...
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    Law 4 - hand casts

    Are they any specific exemptions for the usage of casts/protective equipment? I can only see reference to it being 'soft, lightweight' and 'non-dangerous' as permitted. I assume that means hard plaster casts are out of the question? Just been asked if a hand cast is permitted.
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    Passback or not?

    Excuse the informal terminology: Had a situation today, was told post-match it was a bit of '50-50' matter of interpretation decision: Ball is up in the air in the penalty area. Defender brings it down on his foot - rather beautiful bit of skill. Keeper rushes out, defender leaves it, keeper...
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    Penalty or no?

    Pinched this off Twitter: Referee said no, and still said no after VAR. Apparently the Dutch referee boss van Egmond says it is a penalty... Personally I'm going penalty all day.