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    Game Tracker

    I remember a couple seasons back there was a website for logging games/tracking cards etc that calculated your averages. Does anyone remember or have the link to this at all?
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    Footballer dies from nasty collision

    WARNING: May be distressing for some Truly truly silencing footage. How such an inocuous blow to the head can hit an area that can ultimately kill. Shows how fragile life is. MOD EDIT - This is a very graphic & potentially disturbing video clip. As OP says, this may be distressing for some...
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    New Job

    Just started my new career cleaning mirrors. It was always something I could see myself doing
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    The Spanish Magician

    A Spanish magician told the crowd he would disappear on the count of three. "Uno, Dos...." *poof* He disappeared without a tres
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    Photography Job

    Got my first proper photography job this weekend. Not great pay but it's good exposure :cool:
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    Cup Final (small rant)

    Was assisting on a cup final this morning. Great game. 2-1 in the end and both good teams. When the losing team equalised there was some contention over the goal. Throw in came in, took very slight touch and went in the goal. I saw the touch as did the ref so we waved for a goal. All 11...
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    Two Clowns got Divorced

    They are now in a Custardy battle
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    Turkey - Referee Assault No words :mad:
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    Not so much a tip as a warning

    deep heated up my leg at half time today due to the bumpiest and hardest pitch I think I've ever stepped foot on. Immediately after I'd applied the cream a fly flew straight into the corner of my eye and without thinking I wiped it out with my hand still covered in deep heat! To say it was...
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    In or Out?

    I appreciate this thread has the potential to be locked, so I emplore my colleagues to not get into bickering. But for those interested in politics, in or out?
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    Double Headers - Discipline

    Just a quick query. In regards to red cards in the first match of a double header, am I correct in thinking the player can start the second match as it hasn't been processed by the CFA at that point?
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    anyone know what happened to the lad? Was constantly around then vanished overnight without so much as a fairwell
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    Ten minutes into the game you smell alcohol on a player and you are certain he has consumed alcohol prior to kick off What action do you take?
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    A little experiment

    Got a little sick of the moaning at every whistle on Saturday so I tried a little experiment. One player made a little comment (not nasty just irritating) every foul. He goes in for a 50/50 and catches the orange player. I blow and he comes straight up asking how on earth that was a foul. His...
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    Valkeen Whistle

    i bought a Valkeen whistle last year and it stole my heart. Unfortunately after a mass confrontation and a rush to my car I lost it! If anybody's got one they don't use I'll be delighted to buy it off you :)
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    not looking good!
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    Guess who's back, back again?

    Finest's back, tell a friend Hello to all! You may have noticed my absence, you may not! Unfortunately due to health issues with the missus that resulted in our newborn having to be resuscitated in theatre (luckily successfully) I have been away from the pitch since the first week of...
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    A Minute for Paris

    I think this may be the first positive match incident I have shared. Saturday morning after spending most of the night keeping tabs on the developing attrocities in Paris, I was toying whether or not to hold a minutes silence for the preceeding events. I knew the Football League would surely...
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    Chronic Shin Bone Pain

    Since the start of this season I've had pain in my shin every single game (even 6 a sides) that I've done. It can be moderate to severe and is constant. Almost a bad bruising pain (although haven't had any impact to the area) I've attached an Image of the location and because it's on the bone...
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    Two badges on kit

    Any idea where to get kits with the county and FA logo on the other? I know the RA shop do it but they are nicht of stock. And A&H don't want to do it 'in case they come out wonky' - haha Any other places?